To be considered for the Switzer Montgomery portfolio, a business must not only be great quality, but also be good value right now and pay a high divided. BHP and JB Hi-Fi are two. Other Roger Montgomery A1s that make it into the portfolio are CBA, Woolworths, CSL and Platinum Asset Management. What other well-known large cap companies make it into the Switzer Montgomery portfolio? And what small cap company would Roger Montgomery purchase in place of BHP? In this very special interview with Peter Switzer Roger Montgomery reveals a lesser known engineering business, manufacturers of furniture and bull bars, and two IT companies that make his A1 grade. How do Roger Montgomery and Peter Switzer select which stocks qualify for the Switzer Montgomery portfolio? Visit to find out.Switzer TV with Peter Switzer was broadcast on the Sky Business Channel on 23 September 2010. Visit ?? for Roger Montgomery’s step-by-step guide to valuing a company. ?? from Peter Switzer is an online portal for retail investors and small business owners, offering daily news and articles on small business and personal finance. Switzer also provides industry-leading Financial Planning and Business Coaching services.

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