This is what’s in the news for Tuesday April 10, 2012. The Wall Street Journal reports Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke said more regulatory action may be needed to safeguard the .7T money-market mutual fund industry. The Wall Street Journal also reports Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM) said it reorganized its vehicle-development system to speed decision making, lower costs and better appeal to car buyers. Bloomberg reports gold gained for a fourth day in London on speculation that US and China central banks may take additional steps to spur growth after data missed estimates. Reuters reports Honda Motor (NYSE:HMC) will launch 10 additional car models in China by 2015 and expects sales in the country to double from last year’s level over the same period. Finally, Reuters also reports Sharp Corp. (PINK:SHCAY) is seeking more partners to buy stakes in its main Sakai plant in a bid to spin off the LCD production subsidiary.

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