As I said in the video, I’ve talked about the site better networker before as being a great site to go and network with other people and learn a ton of cool things about growing your network marketing business. So, if you haven’t done it yet, head over to and go establish a profile over there, jump on the forum and get to know other people and learn from some of the top experts in the industry. However, what I have begun to notice is that betternetworker is quickly becoming what is known as a authority site in the search engines. An authority site is a particular site that is “trusted” in the eyes of search engines, and the content you post on there gets a natural boost in search engine rankings by leveraging that “trust” in those sites. Websites like,, and a couple others are great examples of authority sites. But, Better Networker is quickly becoming one as well. The example I just saw was that one of my own pieces of content on there gained a page 1 spot on google just for posting it on that site, even ahead of other authority sites out there. So now what does this mean to you as a home business owner? Go take your best content and post it on Better Networker. Not only will you get exposure to an extremely targeted audience of home business owners, and more eyeballs will see your content there, but now, you will get even more exposure in the search engines as well. The best of both worlds! One thing

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