www.home-based-business-reps.com – What Type of Field Service Inspections exists in the industry of Home Based Field Inspector Reps? Merchant Site Inspections are just one type of assessment that companies require reporting and photo completion for supporting documentation to perform loans, safety checks, collateral audits and more. Vehicle Identification verification is another type physical inspection required to confirm exact property and location evaluations. Loss Control Service Representatives normally have some performing inspection experience as this type of survey is usually for commercial risks. Over a time, you will obtain experience that will make you eligible to completed reports of this type that pay between and 0 for each inspection. Your future in this industry can earn you an above average and very high income once you have personally inspected and reported on hundreds of properties. Your first hand experience is critical in every service-related organization, thereby earning you great rewards and advantages for your valuable knowledge. You may decide to travel within a larger mile radius, thereby requiring negotiation for transportation and mileage compensation. This, also, will lead to higher earnings. Equipment Inspections are the type of examinations that require an appointment to be set prior to your visit. This type inspection can be on inventory that requires an appraisal and consists of a spreadsheet style fill-in-form including pictures

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