Another Lancashire Police Cock-up Finally Fixed? Illegal immigrant Mohammed Shah Nawaz-Cheema who raped a young Burnley woman in November 2009 will be deported after two year tarrif. Arrested on suspicion of rape in 2009, he was released on bail and immediately fled first to Pakistan and then Spain where he gave himself up to police in May this year. It is a sad indictment of the British Criminal Justice System and especially the Lancashire Police that a suspected rapist’s immigration status was not verified before he was given bail and allowed to flee the country. It is highly unlikely that he will be deported, after all according to newspaper reports he is hard working, fled his native Pakistan after witnessing a Police murder, and oh yes best of all his family had to flee Pakistan as well. Highlights of the news today Wednesday 7th November. BNP Driver cleared by the EU Courts Asian rapists are getting younger French Business Relief in Sight French Socialist’s attempt to desecrate the Christian Church Britain to train future Muslim enemy soldiers out of our pockets More innocents killed by Tony Blair’s war Thought for the Day — Are we too late? And finally — It went with a great big bang!

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