If you would like to see if your home value has increased over the past year, please call me (Melissa Thompson) at 901-230-2610 or 901-756-8900. Be sure to visit www.YourKeytoMemphis.com for all of your real estate needs. December home sales closed out 2012 with a bang. Year-to-date home sales were up 19% across the county with 14946 recorded. The average sales price was up 2% from 2011. 2012 had the most home sales recorded since 2008, when the housing market drastically declined. 57% of home sales for the year were valued under 0000, which was unchanged from last year. Home sales over million were up 50% from last year with 33 recorded compared to 22 in 2011. 31 out of 33 zip codes in the county had an increase in annual sales activity.

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