How To Turn Your Newspapers Into Cash

How To Turn Your Newspapers Into Cash

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What would you say if someone told you that each day... every day... you were throwing cash dollars into the garbage? You'd die laughing, right?

FLASH... You are! Each day that your old, now read newspaper goes into the trash, you're throwing away a gold mine in profits. The cynics who insist that "yesterday's newspaper is todays fishwrap", obviously aren't thinking very far ahead.


Did you know that there are over 15,000 trade, technical and special interest magazines in the nation right now? With more entering the market each week? Most of these publications are relatively small and must pay for their news items. And that's where you -- and your yesterday's newspaper come in!


Newspaper articles that appear in your local newspaper are desperately needed by these magazines. They pay cold, hard cash for local news items of interest to their readers which they would never have seen if people just like yourself did not send them in for publication. A few of the biggies have a full complement of reporters and a large staff to comb the nation for their articles. And a few more subscribe to the national wire services like AP, UPI, and K-R. But the vast majority of these magazines have to scratch... and scratch hard... for their newsy items.


You see the material they want every day. They can't afford to subscribe to every newspaper in the nation -- or even to a few. And they certainly can't afford the time to scan all those newspapers. They want to pay you for that information. They want to pay you $2... $5... $25... $50... even more for the articles that you find, clip and send to them for publication.


You can discover how to cash in on this vast (and virtually untapped) market by obtaining a copy of How To Turn Your Newspapers into $$$ Cash $$$. A tremendous amount of research went into the preparation of this all new manual. Hundreds of man-hours and literally thousands of letters. Research has proved that this approach to earning extra income -- even beginning a new career -- is now a prime market. And, since our business is researching and presenting viable, profitable business opportunities to the public, we are delighted to make this new manual available.


If you're looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme, you can stop reading right now. Don't waste your time -- or money -- on this book. But, if you're genuinely interested in earning extra income for yourself and your family... and doing it in just a few spare hours each week... and doing it from the privacy and comfort of your own home, then you should continue. Continue if you want to earn money easily and without any investment. This approach to an extra income is full of common sense and practical ways to earn money by clipping newspaper items.


You learn exactly what kind of items to clip. And what not to clip. You discover how ordinary household supplies are used so you don't have to invest in lots of equipment and supplies.

Trade secrets known only to the few long time, established clipping bureaus are revealed to you. You even find out how to obtain other cities' newspapers absolutely free, in the event that you want to expand your business. You discover a little known trade secret that will allow you to be on retainer for $50- $300 per month, regardless of how many clippings you supply that month.


Why wait? You can start within a couple of hours after you've received and read this informative and comprehensive manual. Age, education and experience are no barrier. Smaller towns and big cities are both excellent territories. This could be the start of a very successful small business for you and an excellent way to generate additional income for your family. Easy, fun, run from the privacy of your home and most of all... profitable!


You can begin with ordinary household items you already own. Supplies you purchase are inexpensive and go a long way. We have nothing else to sell you. You can begin in full confidence that we have conducted exhaustive research into this field and give this business opportunity our `gold star' rating.


Your money back if you are not completely satisfied. It's as simple as that. No questions asked. We don't have to make this strong a guarantee... because we know this manual is everything we say it is, and more. But we do. You have a full 30 days to examine the book. Analyze it. Try it. If you're not convinced within that time just return it and you'll receive a full refund within five days. You don't receive many can't lose offers like this. Jump on it. Mail your order today.

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