The Truth About Chain Letters

The Truth About Chain Letters

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by Dan Squire



They appear in you mailbox every week. Letters making fantastic claims that you can become super-wealthy almost overnight simply by photo-coping the attached pages, sending in a few dollars, and mailing out several hundred copies on your own.

Is it possible? Can your wildest dream become an instant reality simply by investing in a few postage stamps?

Your heart starts to pound at the very thought of the wealth that might be yours. Just imagine what your friend will say when they see your overnight success. You want to believe what you are reading. It all seems so easy. Opportunity has finally knocked on your door!

Or, have you just fallen prey to an impossible and potentially illegal scheme? How can you be sure? How can you know whether that innocent looking letter is your pathway to success or a black hole into which you will pour your money, never to see it return?

If you have always wondered about chain letters, then you need to read this book. Author Dan Squire takes you along on his journey into the world of chain letters. Find out how he got involved, what program he followed, how many letters he mailed out -- and the final outcome!

Can chain letters really deliver all that they promise? Can you become wealthy almost overnight? Will your investment pay off? Find out. Order your copy of The Truth About Chain Letters today! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you may return the book for a full refund! What are you waiting for?


Before you spend one dime on any scheme you receive in the mail, check it out. The Truth About Chain Letters reveals all the facts you need to know.

Is it really legal?
Learn the actual Postal Laws.
Take a look at the various types of chain letter circulating today: recipe clubs, business report sales, mailing list rentals, birthday gifts, good luck letters, and more!
Do chain letter mathematics really add up?
How many people will actually respond to my mailing?
Do some chain letter originators make their big bucks and leave you with only big expenses?
Find out how chain letters are distributed.
To whom can you turn if you have a complaint?
Does it really work?
How can I know in advance?


As the author of The Truth About Chain Letters, I will tell you of my own personal experience participating in a chain letter program. You'll find out what led up to my decision, how I carefully carried out the instructions, and most importantly -- the results! Plus, I'll show you actual examples of chain letters being circulated today! - Dan Squire

Protect yourself from possible fraud. Order a copy of The Truth About Chain Letters Today!

48 pages
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