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by Jeffery Lant

If you expect your business to make maximum profits and remain competitive in the Information Age, this is the one book you must use daily!

Everything You Need To Know To Sell More Of Your Products And Services Every Day By E-Mail Without Ever Spamming Anyone!

This is a book about making money for your business, lots of money, day after day, using e-mail. This is not, however, a book showing you how to spam people, that is send them a torrent of unsolicited, unwanted, and annoying e-mail. No business person ever needs to send spam to make money and this book proves it!

This book, unique so far as we could discover, is designed to help you and your business turn e-mail into one of your most profitable and productive tools; a tool of wealth and opportunity which will help you every day build your own El Dorado, making more money, making it faster, and serving both your prospects and customers with the kind of breathtaking efficiency unimaginable just a few short years ago.

When you effectively use e-mail, you're in a position to bring unlimited amounts of your client-centered marketing messages to the attention of prospects and buyers from Akron to Zanzibar all day, any day, for just the trifling cost of your Internet access provider. Now, if you follow the guidelines of this book, all the world that's plugged in is available to you and what you're selling.

This is a book for two kinds of people -- people who don't yet have e-mail but who must get it and learn to use it FAST to remain competitive... and those who, having e-mail, have not yet learned how to turn it into the maximum profit tool it can be for your business. People in both groups stand to make increasing profit as they learn and apply the detailed, step-by-step information in this extraordinarily timely resource.


Here's what you'll find in this book...

E-Mail El Dorado May Be The Most Significant Business Book You Ever Use.

In the telling words of Dr. Jeffrey Lant: "The world is being divided into two camps, those with e-mail and those without. Those without will increasingly fall by the wayside, counting for less and less. They cannot reach and work with people in the sensible, profit-making ways e-mail allows. Similarly, no one can easily, inexpensively reach them, either. Each day their standing, their overall well being and their prospects are diminished. After a time they will simply be irrelevant. This has tremendous social, political and economic consequences." In other words, businesses effectively learning the secrets of money-making e-mail presented in this book will continue to be economic players; those who don't use these methods will be washed out. The stakes could hardly be higher.

E-Mail El Dorado Is The 14th Book By Internationally Renowned Marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Millions of business people worldwide get shrewd business insights from Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He is author of the internationally distributed columns, "Sure-Fire Business Success," "Qwik Smarts w/ Dr. Jeffrey Lant," and "Marketing & Business Development Q & A." He is also publisher of the daily Marketing Hot Tips newsletter and the twice monthly Worldgram newsletter.

Dr. Lant is also Co-Founder of the Worldprofit Mall Complex at http://www.worldprofit.com  now hosting over 6 million visits a year. Yahoo Unplugged! in 1998 conferred its highest award on Worldprofit, the very rare "Awesome!!!!!" designation.

Dr. Lant is also author of 13 other best-selling books, including Cash Copy: How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them... Now!; The Consultant's Kit: Establishing And Operating Your Successful Consulting Business; The Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide: What Every Man, Woman, Child And Organization In America Needs To Know About Getting Ahead By Exploiting The Media, and How To Make A Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing And Selling "How-To" Information.

Some of his other books are: Web Wealth: How To Turn The World Wide Web Into A Cash Hose For You And Your Business... Whatever You're Selling!; Multi-Level Money: The Complete Guide To Generating, Closing & Working With All The Prospects You Need To Make Real Money Every Month In Network Marketing, and  Development Today: A Fund Raising Guide For Nonprofit Organizations. Dr. Lant's books are widely regarded as classics in their fields.

Dr. Lant also publishes the quarterly 100,000 circulation Sales & Marketing Success Card Deck and the Sure-Fire Business Success Catalog.

A graduate of Harvard (Ph.D. 1975), Dr. Lant also holds degrees from Northeastern University, Boston, and the University of California, Santa Barbara (B.A. summa cum laude, 1969). He has been both Harvard Prize Fellow and Woodrow Wilson Fellow. He also holds four titles of ancient nobility dating from the Third Crusade. As such, his title is "His Highness The Prince of Tornavan."

184 Pages
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