No More Cold Calls

No More Cold Calls

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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

If You're Running A Service Business -- Any Service Business -- And Aren't Yet A Millionaire, This Book Was Written Especially For You !!! 

The Complete Guide To Generating -- And Closing -- All The Prospects You Need To Become A Multi-Millionaire By Selling Your Service... By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Are you a doctor, lawyer, dietitian, consultant, engineer, tinker, tailor, private investigator, dog walker, house sitter, landscape architect, barber, caterer... or any one of millions of other service providers who hasn't yet turned your service business into the certain means of making yourself a millionaire?

Then this giant 680 page resource has just what you need. In 16 information-dense chapters you'll discover how to:

Avoid the thirty major mistakes service providers who aren't yet millionaires are making... And how to solve them and start making more money immediately.

Create the multi-million dollar plan that'll turn your service business from work into a process that produces the money you need to achieve millionaire status faster.

Identify the right prospects for your business and how to find out what they want (so you can give it to them).

Write motivating cash copy... Yes, you'll learn how to turn every word you write into a hook that gets your prospects to respond faster... and your customers to buy again sooner.

Turn your computer into a client-centered marketing department of awesome power and speed.

Develop your organization while you're generating more leads than you can possibly hope to handle.

Discover fast, effective, economical marketing methods of communication that make your prospects and buyers react to effective ads, flyers, cover letters, brochures, media kits.

Generate all the low-cost leads you need through free media, talk programs, direct response marketing, classified and space ads, and with specialized marketing programs like card decks, electronic moving message display signs, and package stuffed programs.

Create an aggressive, focused, lead-closing system to get more business from all the leads you've generated.

Work with clients so you can upgrade the value of their business and get more business faster. Keep more customers and benefit from them longer.

Turn your service expertise into information products like Special Reports, audio and video cassettes, booklets, books... and more... make even more money every single day.

You'll find out what you have to do to turn the ever increasing profit from your business into both capital and investment income, the basis for both financial independence and the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.


This book is only for those service sellers who seriously want to become millionaires. It lays out the exact guidelines you need to do this. If achieving millionaire rank is what you want, you cannot afford to be without this new book. With almost 700 pages of precise, tested guidelines, you can be sure there has never been a more detailed book written on how to turn your service business into a constant wealth-producing machine.


While millions and millions of people run service businesses, most simply end up working long and hard, not getting rich. But becoming a multi-millionaire through a service business is not difficult, so long as you follow a precise series of sensible steps and implement a productive long-term system. Now these steps and this system are available to you in one place, No More Cold Calls. If getting surely rich through your service business is what you want, this info-packed resource is what you need.


Our no-risk guarantee simply states that you need only return the book within thirty days of purchase for a full, no-questions- asked refund. You're not likely to want to return this book. No, you're going to keep it on your desk as a constant reference. It'll probably become as well worn as your bible! And well it should be, for this book is the service seller's bible.

675 Pages
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