Insider's Secrets To Free Travel

Insider's Secrets To Free Travel

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by Adam Starchild

Now You Too Can Get Free Travel

Worldwide Travel can be yours absolutely FREE!

Discover how to take all the cruises you want at no cost to you!

Plus -- free air travel, free vacation opportunities... even the opportunity to earn more money while traveling free!

These Insider Secrets will make your life a fun-filled treasure of FREE TRAVEL!

A few insiders have been working this treasure trove of secrets for years. They have quietly kept this valuable know-how to themselves -- UNTIL NOW!

Now, a veteran world traveler has exposed the little known facts! So now you too can do all the FREE TRAVELING you have always wanted to do. Our world traveler had taken all this heretofore closely guarded information and put it into a brand new manual that is available to you for about the cost of a single lunch.


Are you ready for adventure? Ready to leave for the Orient or for London? You can sign on for short notice trips, or those that are less spontaneous, if you prefer. Opportunities exist both ways.

Discover how to get in on this wonderful FREE TRAVEL opportunity. Actual names, addresses and telephone numbers of the companies to contact are provided.


Yes indeed, you can actually be paid to fly to these exciting places. It's all legal and you will not be asked to do anything dishonest or illegal. Someone else takes care of all the details and makes all the arrangements for you. You'll be the one leading an exciting life. There is something romantic about being called up with a day or two notice, like a foreign correspondent or international spy. Don't worry, you won't have to write any newspaper stories or spy on people! It's absolutely FREE! Really!


Here are several examples of some of the specific information you'll receive when you order the information-packed manual:

How to travel FREE on luxury cruises.
How to get airlines to pick up the tab.
How to get FREE hotel rooms in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.
See Ireland FREE - plus even make money in the bargain.
How to start a travel club.
Earn money and travel FREE to boot!
Learn how to be a travel companion to wealthy tourists.
Are you friendly, helpful? Then FREE travel can be yours.
Full details on where to start.
Home exchange in foreign countries.
Discover how to make the contacts for swapping a 3-4 week vacation... a home in England or other exciting spot for your home.


Discover how to buy a new car in Europe and save 35%.
Learn how to do a little importing while you travel... one women earned a $14,000 profit.
Read about her experiences.
Discover how to get cheap airline tickets, plus we reveal a special discount number that you can use to get the very lowest rates.
Learn the Cruise lines that offer FREE passage.


Travel through the former Soviet Union, exploring this former empire rich with history -- and then deduct the entire trip from your taxes!

Fly off to London when you wish. Take tea, see a show, and shop at Harrods's -- while someone else picks up the tab!

Spend a week in Morocco, bargaining with the Bedouins, exploring the Kasbahs, and wandering ancient caravan roads -- all without spending a penny of your own money!


Get the INSIDER'S SECRETS TO FREE TRAVEL in your hands. Examine it. Judge for yourself the truth of all we have said about it. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it in good condition within 30 days for a complete refund. You'll discover that FREE TRAVEL can be yours!

64 pages
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