Insider Internet Marketing

"Insider Internet Marketing"


QUESTION: Are you beginning to wonder why you thought you could make money on the internet? If you answered yes, You are NOT alone.

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The fact is, it's just not happening for most people. Millions of people are becoming disenchanted with internet marketing and many are actually throwing in the towel! If YOU are becoming a little discouraged with YOUR online income...


  You are about to discover exactly what makes the difference between the "internet success stories," and the "obscure web marketers!" And it's all behind this cover...     "Insider Internet Marketing" is unlike anything you've ever seen!

Let Me Explain What Makes This Brand New Book So Valuable. I'll cut right to the chase...

Whether you are a budding netrepreneur or would just like to be, what you are about to discover should really get your juices flowing! This is a "no-holds-barred," "down and dirty," "tell all" publication, straight from the mouth of a well known Internet Marketing Insider!  

A Note From The Author: Marketing on the internet is not only my passion, it is my livelihood. The simple fact is, ANYONE can make a very comfortable living on the internet, but not many people are actually doing it. Why not? Because learning everything it takes to market like the insiders takes more time than any normal human being can spare! (For the record, I don't consider myself to be amongst the normals - I LIVE online.) That's why I wrote this new book. To share the knowledge of the few. Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing

  Now YOU Can Market Like An Insider Without Sacrificing Thousands Of Hours Of Your Life Like I Did!   This book was written with one thing in mind: To give YOU every single advantage I have gained over the last year (as well as very recently) in this rapidly changing marketing environment. "Insider Internet Marketing" exposes EVERY revealing marketing strategy, method, secret, resource, tool, and trick that I (as well as other prominent internet marketers) have employed to explode online profits.

If you've ever considered buying just ONE product or service to assist you with your internet marketing campaign, make sure it contains every bit of genuine experience you'll learn from "Insider Internet Marketing...."

A Brief Overview  

Introduction: Why you won't find this stuff in your college studies!

"The Great Equalizer" - The golden key that allows a low budget company to compete with the big boys!

"Please. Copy our model of success." You can take these same steps I took to market YOUR business on the net! Learn why we were featured in the Feb 97' issue of Opportunity magazine after less than a year online!

Low budget (and NO budget) techniques including how to "correctly" harness the power of direct email. (You'll forget all about spam once you learn our meat & potatoes approach!)

It's no secret that a large part of my success has come from utilizing low cost and very effective ezine advertising. For the first time, I am revealing my personal zine list. (I'll admit it pains me a little to cough up these powerful resources.) This comprehensive directory contains 50 (that's Fifty!) Power Marketing Ezines the moneymakers rely on!

Learn how to design your own web site and save literally THOUSANDS of dollars. (WITHOUT making the common mistakes that end up costing you BIG money.)

Learn why your web success depends on the 10 keys to building a marketing friendly web site - a site that you can be proud of! (These detailed steps are a must!)

A fast and easy way to find the best place to host your site without paying through the nose! Along with 66 other key web resources - the very resources the net insiders rely on!

How to avoid the single biggest mistake made by "almost made it netrepreneurs".

Is your web site traffic slow and getting slower? Use my powerful 8 point plan that brings traffic to your site and keeps them coming back!

How to start up and publish your own email newsletter. (Including how to get your first 500 subscribers to contact YOU!)

Learn the details of how each of the major search engines work and exactly how to get a favorable listing at each.

The REAL TRUTH about the search engine "secrets" that others sell for $20 to $50 online. Here's what Really Works and what can get you penalized or even dumped!

How to create a "Traffic Funnel" to your web site. This method ALONE multiplied our site traffic TEN FOLD - without spending one red cent!

What your html should look like if you want preferred placement in the most popular search engines. (Including real examples of the actual code that keeps me in the top 5 of several of the major search engines!)

  What the future holds for internet marketers and which business opportunities will pay off BIG for some very average people.


  As you can see, "Insider Internet Marketing" by JDD Publishing is NOT your ordinary publication. Is was designed for newcomers and internet marketing veterans alike. No matter what product, service, or opportunity you are currently promoting, the information revealed in this book is GUARANTEED to increase your online (and offline) profits!

Are you ready for the excitement to begin?...

  You've probably seen others selling information that is not nearly as comprehensive, for upwards of $50, $100, and $125. - for an email report. Why? Because people are paying it. Now you don't have to...

  Insider Internet Marketing
ISBN 0-9659037-0-2

116 Pages
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Before you "settle" for a mere fraction of what you SHOULD be making online, consider taking me up on this opportunity. I guarantee it will inject new life into your online marketing campaign. (If you're new to online marketing, that's even better! You'll blow right by the other newbies!) Thanks for taking the time to read this message. For information on how to order this new publication, see below.

You can now order "Insider Internet Marketing" for just $23.95 (Your Price $19.95).

Order today and change the path of your internet marketing campaign forever!

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The information on every single page of this book has worked wonders for me and it will work for you too! I guarantee it. As with all our products, if you're not absolutely thrilled, just send it back for an immediate refund. "No questions asked".


Order within 5 days of reading this and you'll also receive details on how you can get in on the profits! (You can even get a web page with secure ordering just like this one.) P.S. Remember, if you've ever considered buying ONE product or service pertaining to internet marketing, be certain it contains every bit of inside information in our brief overview above! Insist on it.

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