Tom's Fishing Gallery


12 foot long giant Squid

Found 10 miles offshore in 6,000 feet of water - about 400 yards from where we catch most all of our yellow fin tuna.

The largest squid ever found was 56 feet long. It washed up on a beach in 1950s off of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Water depth where I found mine was 6,000 feet. I'm told that today Japanese whalers and others find giant squid beaks in the bellies of giant sperm whales. That's probably how the human race first learned that these deep sea monsters really existed. The difference between those squid beaks found in the sperm whales and the one I have in my freezer, is mine has the muscles and flesh around the squid's mouth or "beak"

A few days ago I landed a 60 pound yellowfin, and found dozens of tiny squid (inch long) in its stomach. I wonder sometimes if these squid are of the same species as the giant we found last spring floating on top of the surface. The Marine scientists at the University of Miami told us the Giant Squid we sent them was a male.


Giant Squid beak

Like a parrots beak, but "teeth" are sharp as razor blades. Found in spring of 1999. For sale at $50,000. Rest of squid (i.e., tentacles and body) was donated to the University of Miami's School of Marine Sciences. Mounted and on display - we've been informed.


Seventy-five pound Yellowfin Tuna

Caught by first mate Alan Wartel aboard the boat - "The Taxman". We've caught over 200 yellowfin tuna together.

In 1999, Alan won the annual Billabong pubs wahoo contest here in Nassau (a local fishing contest) with one 75.5 pound yellowfin tuna - just like the one in the picture. It was the only weighable fish we landed. It won trophies for top boat (most total weight - all boats), and the biggest fish landed trophies, as well as several hundred dollars.


60 pound yellowfin

My Granite man from "Beauty with Marble "(in Ft. Lauderdale) flew in from Florida and caught this 60 pound yellowfin aboard the Taxman. Cuts nice kitchen counter tops too. This tough guy is originally from Castro's Cuba. He fought this fish for over 1/2 hour.

60 pound plus kingfish

This 60 pounder+ kingfish hit a large Huntington spoon - trolled on a downrigger - as we left the ledge off goulding Cay - Nassau. Mark Moyle (in the picture) fought this giant for twenty minutes. The fish was actually foul hooked through his side - skin - only.


65 pound Bull Dolphin

Tommy Scrase (building contractor from Boca Raton, Florida) landed this 65 pound bull dolphin aboard the 38 foot "Dream Machine". The fish measured over 5 feet 4 inches in length. The fish was one of 10 giants landed within 60 minutes - as a school of giant dolphin just circled our boat. Three females weighed over 40 pounds. Tom's dolphin was, and still is, the biggest dolphin I've seen landed in the Bahamas, although last summer someone in the out-islands landed a new world record dolphin - in excess of 80 pounds.

We could have taken a dozen more dolphin this day, but why kill so many? For what? Some boats in the springtime will land 50 to 100 dolphin in the Exuma Sound (30 miles east of Nassau) - when the fish are schooling there. It happens every spring. We think this is horrible.

I gaffed Tom's dolphin, and let me tell you, I was shook up thinking about it. Thank God the big fella didn't pull and shake too much. Would have hated to have lost the fish on him - which Tom later mounted (a fiberglass facsimile) in his office in Boca Raton.

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