Computec Electronics Limited. (N.Z)
     Reproduction Rights Agreement for Copyrighted Works.
This agreement is made on the date on which it was signed, between Computec
Electronics Limited. (N.Z), a New Zealand Limited Liability Company, with it's
place of business at 167 Wellington Road, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, Wellington,
New Zealand, ( hereafter to be called "Computec" )

  and ________________________________________ (Company or Trading Name),

    a ________________________________________ (Company/Sole Trader etc.)

with its place of business at ___________________________________________
( hereafter to be called "Company" )

for the purpose of protecting Copyright Ownership of Computec, and to set the
Terms and Conditions for "Company", which must be adhered to at all times by
"Company" in order to Hold and Retain "Reproduction Rights" for the following
named "Computec" Copyrighted documents or works,

Namely "Web Design for Top Search Engine Positioning". (hereafter to be
        called "the Copyrighted Work")

"Company" agrees to obey all the following Terms and Conditions, and in return
"Computec" grants "Company" the right to Reproduce and Sell "the Copyrighted
Work" on a Royalty Free basis, after receiving confirmation from "Computec"
that this agreement has been filed, and as long as All the following Terms and
Conditions are agreed to and met in full by "Company".

"Computec" retains full Copyright Ownership of "the Copyrighted Work" at all
times. "Computec" reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time,
for any reason which it may deem appropriate.

1). "Company" agrees not to alter the contents of "the Copyrighted Work"
    in any manner.

2)  "Company" agrees not to put "the Copyrighted Work" or any part thereof
    on any Computer or Electronic Data System that is accessible by any party
    other than "Company".

3)  "Company" agrees to ensure that All Customers who purchase "the
     Copyrighted Work" also receive a blank copy of this agreement, so
     they too can register their Certificate and obtain Royalty Free
     Reproduction Rights of "the Copyrighted Work".

4). "Company" agrees to forward full customer details by e-mail to "Computec"
     at either of these addresses -  (or),
     of every purchaser of "the Copyrighted Work", within 4 days of the
     purchaser taking delivery of "the Copyrighted Work".

     Full customer details for the purpose of this agreement are defined
     as 1) the Purchasers Name, and 2) Email Address. The Purchasers postal
     address may be substituted for the Email Address where the Purchaser
     does not have an Email Address and delivery is made by standard mail.

     "Company" ___________________________________________

      Signed   ___________________________________________

 Name (Print)  ___________________________________________

       Title   ___________________________________________

        Date   ___________________________________________

Post to: Computec Electronics Limited (N.Z), P.O. Box 6661, Te Aro, Wellington,
New Zealand. Your Reproduction Rights Begin After you receive filing confirmation