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Simply purchase any one of the thousands of info or software products linked within our Info MarketPlace Search page. Then just send an email to with your ClickBank order receipt number, name and return email address.  As soon as we verify your purchase (often within minutes during business hours) we will send complete download instructions to our popular iProfit Book Library Package with Bonuses!  Full details about this incredible bonus package can be seen here.

To qualify for the bonus package, your computer should accept cookies during the ClickBank order process so you will see a notation at the bottom of your credit card entry page stating (affiliate=psprpspr).*   If you see (affiliate=psprpspr) at the bottom your order qualifies.

*Profit Source Publishing reserves the right to refuse to provide the bonus package for items that have not resulted in a ClickBank commission payment to Profit Source Publishing (affiliate=psprpspr). Items linked through Google ads at the bottom of the page and items linked in the far left column not purchased through ClickBank do not qualify for this offer.  This offer may be withdrawn or modified at any time.