Profit Source Internet Publishing And Marketing CDcd, marketing, publishing, search, engines, how, to, software, email, addresses, wholesale, closeouts, free, stuff, safe, security, on-line, home, business, opportunities, mail, order, books, reports, extra, income, make, money, marketing, cd, publishingOur CD has over 4,000 books and reports with resale rights, software, 50 million email addresses, safe addresses, marketing information and on and on.  Over 9,000 files total.  Everything you need to succeed in a business on-line.  Plus you can resell the CD itself and keep 90% of the sales price and we ship the CD!


Publishing & Marketing CD

The Profit Source Publishing & Marketing CD

Over 4,000 Books & Reports, Software, Safe Email Sources, Wholesale Sources & So Much More!

We have jam packed this CD with nearly EVERY valuable marketing resource & on-line service available - Thousands and Thousands of Files. PLUS, YOU GET RESALE/REPRINT RIGHTS ON EVERYTHING AND, AS A BONUS, A RESELLER PROGRAM THAT LETS YOU KEEP 100% OF THE SALES PRICE! (believe it) (license statement is on CD)

Included Are:

  • Over 4,000 Books & Reports With Resale Rights On Business, Investing, Vitamins, Law, Hacking, Taxes And Just About Every Other Subject You Can Think Of - No One Has More

  • Combine Reports And Create Your Own E-Books With This Free Software - E-Books Are HOT HOT HOT!

  • Thousands Of Free & Low Cost Advertising Sources - Where & How

  • Advertising Tips & Tricks - Watch Your Sales Soar

  • Internet Marketing Kit - Expert Info

  • Guerrilla Promotion & Marketing - Stomp Your Competition

  • Learn How To Market On-Line Successfully

  • CGI Scripts & Sources For Thousands More - Free

  • Wholesale Sources For Over 1 Million Products - A Gold Mine

  • Orient, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan & Mexico Wholesale Trade Directories

  • CloseOut Merchandise Sources - Buy For Pennies Sell For Dollars

  • Deep Discount Product Sources - Never Pay Retail Again

  • Buy Cheap At Government Auctions - Complete How-To

  • Where to Find Unusual Products

  • Drop-Ship Sources - Why Stock Product?

  • AAA Credit Secrets, Credit Repair And More

  • Fantastic Business E-Books With Resale Rights

  • Publish Anything On CD Or Disk Software - On-Line Publisher's Must

  • Dozens Of Software Programs For Business - Most Fully Functional

  • Free Stuff Pages With Tons Of Free Items

  • The Best Free Web Space Providers - Start Your Business Today - FREE

  • Tons Of New Gifs, Fonts & Clip-Art - Make Your Pages Sell

  • The Best On-Line Marketing Services - Most Free

  • How To Get Cash Grants

  • Get A College Degree In 6 Months - From Many Universities

  • How To Beat Speeding Tickets

  • Income Tax Strategies

  • IRS Info - And Forgiveness Program

  • Copyright Law & Info

  • Web Law - Keep Your On-Line Business From Being Sued

  • Free Fax, Email, Voice-Mail, & Wake-Up Services

  • The Hottest On-Line Businesses To Start Now - Make Profits Fast

  • How To Make Selling On eBay Your Job

  • How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ads - Lapre Distilled

  • Magic Sales Letters That Create Millions In Profits

  • 700 Companies Looking For Homeworkers

  • Business Scams On-Line You Must Avoid - A Must See

  • The Keys To Success For Affiliates - From Dunn's Hot New Book

  • Free FTP, Make URL A Number, Anonymous Mailer & Other Programs

  • Accept Customer Checks By Fax, Phone & Email - Free Software

  • News From The Day You Were Born - Just Enter The Date

  • Get The Latest Microsoft Software - Legal and Low Cost

  • How To Write Order Pulling Ads - A Must Read If You Write Ads

  • Financial Investigative Resources

  • How To Research Your Family Tree

  • Free Search Engine Submission Services - Why Pay?

  • Search Engine Position Tactics - Get Listed In The Top 10

  • Free Webmaster Resources - From Applets To Zipfiles

  • Web Page & Meta Tag Analyzers - Fantastic Free Services

  • An Always Up-To-Date On-Line Virus Scanner - Use Every Week

  • And On, And On, And On!

Hundreds of Folders & SubFolders Containing Thousands and Thousands of Files! Unlike our competitor's less complete CD's, nearly all files are accessable by hyperlink to the file or folder with an html menu system.

With The Books and Reports Section Alone YOU could build your own self-publishing empire with this CD!

If you possess the information that people want, YOU can produce it for pennies… and sell it for dollars!

The quality information on the "Profit Source Publishing & Marketing CD" is written & edited by some of the most experienced direct mail professionals in the industry. Business Reports, Internet Reports, Computer Reports, Legal Forms, How-To Books and more! Each of these books and reports is packed with information that people want and need to read - and they will pay you to buy them!

With just the books and reports section of this CD you can:

Create your own publishing firm specializing in information marketing & how-to publishing!

You have FULL, reprint and resell rights to all the books, reports, programs and files on this CD. You can even resell the reproduction rights if you wish!

Use the information to create newsletters, books, special reports, etc.

Combine it any way you want to make an INFINITE number of exciting, NEW products.

E-Books are one of the hottest sellers on-line right now. Use the free e-book creation software to combine several reports into powerful hot selling e-books only you have for sale! Your own unique info product!

Use the information any way you want! You can even sell the full package, just like we do by becoming a reseller - free. And Keep 100% Of The Sales Price!! The only restriction is that you can't reproduce the CD in its entirety yourself. You must purchase complete CD's from Profit Source!

You will have the complete text of all books & reports that you can print & sell!

Market these high-profit reports from your own home!

Keep ALL the profits - 100% - with no royalties to pay!

All Books and Reports can be read from any IBM compatible computer or any Macintosh that can read IBM formatted files.

With all the Books, Reports, Software, Contacts, and Information we are providing to you on this CD you should have no trouble at all starting a profitable on-line business from home. However, YOU have to put forth the effort to make your business a success. We are supplying just about everything else!


This is where it gets easy!

We are going to make you a reseller offer that you won't believe. Anyone who purchases this CD from this site or any other Reseller site automatically becomes a Reseller himself/herself and can sell this CD and keep 100% of the sales price!

As a ReSeller of this CD we will fulfill all the orders you get - AT NO COST TO YOU!!! You Keep 100% of The Sales Price!

  • Sell the Profit Source Internet Publishing & Marketing CD For $49 + $17* Shipping & Handling...
    Send us the $17* S&H to fill the order....
    And You Keep The Entire $49 As Your Profit!

We will process and ship orders - direct to your customers - at ZERO ($0) COST TO YOU! This means that once you purchase this CD, you become a Reseller and you keep ALL of the sales charge.

FREE RESELLER ENROLLMENT: As a purchaser of this CD you, and those you sell to, will be automatically enrolled in our Reseller Program at no extra charge. Your Reseller package will include, 1) Information where to obtain free web space to set up your own CD marketing site, 2) HTML pages and graphics files you can customize with your own name and address and FTP upload right away to your server to start taking orders immediately, 3) A ReSeller Order Form to fax or mail your orders to us for processing and, 4) All the marketing savvy and material contained on this CD to make your efforts highly profitable.**

One HOT reason your customers will be more than glad to pay you $49 to get their copy of this CD is because... they automatically become Resellers, too! Anyone who orders this CD from you also gets FREE automatic enrollment and becomes a Reseller!

* For orders shipped within the USA the shipping & handling is $17. For orders shipped to Canada and other points outside the USA the shipping & handling is $24.
** You are not required to purchase this CD to become a Reseller. Those wishing to become resellers without purchase may do so by requesting reseller status in an email to Non purchasing resellers will have the following cost schedule for wholesale CD purchases. 1st CD $49 + S&H. All subsequent CD purchases will have a $0 (Zero) cost + S&H. The $17 or $24 Shipping and Handling charge will apply to each wholesale CD purchase.

If you:

  • Are ready to make some serious money on the Internet

  • Want to sell a product that is worth every penny customers pay

  • Don't want any fulfillment or delivery headaches

  • Want to be in business for yourself

  • Want to capitalize on the Internet commerce explosion

  • Want all the information you need to succeed

  • Want the tools you need to win

...then order this CD NOW! Similar CD's with a fraction of the information that is on ours are being sold for $100 and more. Order now and take advantage of our Reseller bonus. All for the amazing low price of  JUST $49 (plus S&H) ! CLOSEOUT --- $17 for U.S. orders  BUY  You won't find a better deal anywhere. Don't Miss Out - ORDER YOURS TODAY AND GET THE RESELLER BONUS, TOO. (Sent First Class Mail In The U.S. or Air Mail for International Orders)

CLOSEOUT --- $17 for U.S. orders and $24 International.

- See What Our Customers Say About Us -

(Total $49 plus $17 S&H U.S. or plus $24 S&H International)

CLOSEOUT Price: --- $17 for U.S. orders and $24 International. - Shipped!!

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