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Profit Source

P.O. Box 1366
Florida 34786
(407) 650-2568

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Customer Comments

What They Have To Say

"...Thank you so much for communicating with me in a prompt manner.
It really makes a difference when someone is nice.
- Mary M., Pennsylvania

"...Thank you again for making it possible for me to start this journey in learning.  And thank you for your candor..." - Randy J., Oklahoma

"Thank you for the concern it's hard to keep up with everything sometimes honesty is a key factor in good business. Thanks again." - Ron S., Florida

"Thank you for your fast action! I am impressed! You will see me again!"
- William M., West Virginia

"...excellent customer service" - Connie S., South Carolina

"You folks are great! I'll do business with you forever!! And recommend you to others, also." - Linda H., North Carolina

"Many Thanks The blubockers arrived today, WHAT! can I say you're one hell of a guy true to your word." - Bill C., England

"Thank you very much! I was pleased to be selected as the winner for May, but I was even more thrilled when I saw that you carry Insider Internet Marketing by Jim Daniels." - Gary B., Virginia

"Thanks for your quick customer response. At first, I thought your company was just another fly by night group, but your upfront responses convinced me otherwise. Thanks again." - Dan B., Arkansas

"Thanks for your very prompt response. ..... Eagerly awaiting your newest Ebooks offering... especially the non-business books." - G. M., Jamaica

"Thanks for the great books. I got them today." - Gary G., Florida

"....thank you for everything. I started out last summer buying a Brad Richdale program. I studied it like a collage course. However, I have been so busy this last year I put it on the shelf. He gave me 16 how-to books with his copyright on them. Then about six months ago I felt compelled to by Don Lapre's package and I studied it and a few months ago bought Specialty Merchandise corporation's life time membership and read all ten of their books. ... Your package is better than all these other programs, because, you not only provide information, you supply a product and complete instructions all in one package for a very reasonable price. Furthermore I can do the same as you. ... Brad and Don and SMC have made millions and didn't even offer such a good opportunity. I have researched many web ads then I found yours and it is the best program I've seen so far for the price." - Lincoln H., Washington

"I wish to extend my thanks for attending to my order with you. I appreciate the quick response. Thanks again." - John W., Pennsylvania

Actual comments from unsolicited customer letters and emails on file

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