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Net Detective Software
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Net Detective Software

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Virtual Investigator 3.1

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FREE Software to help you find lost money. Estimates are that there may be upwards of 50 billion dollars waiting to be claimed by individuals living across the United States. It is reported that 7 out of every 10 adults in the U.S. are owed lost money, money that has been forgotten and left in limbo. Much of this money is currently being held by various federal and state government organizations set up for such purposes, waiting to be collected by those that have claim to it. The unfortunate aspect of all this money, sitting in government vaults, is that much of it will never be seen by its rightful owners since they have no idea that it even exists! Find Out If You Have Lost Money, Now!

FREE Lost Money Software:

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With our recommended investigative tools you can investigate anyone, your boss, your in-laws, your boy friend, your fiancé - anyone!  Locate police records, driving records and even FBI records.  Do criminal background checks, public records checks, employee history checks, credit reports, DMV investigations, people searches and more, anonymously from the privacy of your home.  These are the same tools, records and databases used by private investigators.  Some sources are so difficult to find that even government agencies are not aware of them.  In today's crazy world remember that "When in doubt, check them out!"

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