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2007 eBay Seller Total Pak

The Ebay Seller Series

 Launch Your Own eBay Business And Pull In Top Profits!

Everything you need to about selling on eBay and other online auctions. You don't just get a single eBook - you get all twenty-seven eBooks below PLUS The Bonus eBooks!

Complete step-by-step guides that show you inside secrets, tips, wholesalers and techniques you need to know to succeed on eBay.

Learn what to sell and how to sell it. Secrets that eBay PowerSellers use to make a killing on eBay! This package covers it all.

Here's what's included in
The 2007 eBay Seller Total Pak
"The Ultimate Resource for eBay Sellers"

Ebay Profits 2007

eBay Profits 2007

If you have done any kind of selling at all, whether it's a garage sale, a bake sale, or selling raffle tickets to your neighbors, you already have the basic skills needed to make money on Ebay.  Advances in internet technology and ecommerce solutions make it quick and easy to become a professional Ebay seller.

Ebay sellers are mothers working from home, college kids working from the dorm, married couples working together, single parents adding to their income, and more. They're making huge profits and you can do it too!  more info....

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $19.95

eBay Pro

Learn everything you need to know about selling information products on Ebay in this ebook or your money back!

There are literally hundreds of ways you can make money selling information products on Ebay!  I'll show you how to create an automated monthly income selling easy to make information products on Ebay!   more info....

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $39.00

Resell It On eBay

You are about to discover how to keep the profit from every single dollar your customers pay you and get rid of dealing with stubborn suppliers and shipping all together!

Not only are you about to find out how to get rid of some of the biggest problems related to running an eBay business, but you are about to find out how to sell and where to get the most profitable kind of products you can possibly sell on eBay.    more info....

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $27.00
   Jim Wilsons eBay Secrets

Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets

Jim Wilson has been selling successfully on eBay since 1999 making a very nice secondary income.

Whether you're looking to make an extra $50 a month or an extra $2000... you'll read exactly how to do it in this ebook.

And even if you're starting with little or no money or experience and can only spare a couple of hours a week, you'll discover exactly how to build up and run your eBay business...

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $14.95

Automated Ebay Sales

Give your customers the service they deserve.

When they pay for your product, they don't want to wait until you come home from work or wake up in the morning to send the ebook they ordered.


Auto Ebook explains exactly how to setup Outlook Express to send out your ebook to the buyer as soon as they pay you with Paypal.

24 Hours A day,
7 Days A Week

All you have to do is list your items and count the cash that will be rolling in.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $9.95

Autction Explosion

Auction Explosion

If you'd like to make $400.00 + per week working from home, tell your boss good-bye and become an on-line auction seller that gets bids even when bidding is at it's worse, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

I share with you what I have discovered through many trials and tests, how to create an auction ad that will have bidders dying to purchase your product. These are techniques that I have perfected over the past 2 years, and with each improvement I've made with my ads, the more the bids skyrocketed.

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $17.00
The eBay Report

Make Money on eBay the Simple Way

This ebook was written for beginners and it explains in simple easy to understand steps how to become an eBay seller today. From listing to pricing your auctions, to even a few tips on how to professionally handle non-paying bidders , you'll find solutions to some of the more complex problems that seller's encounter when selling today!

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $14.95
The eBay Report

eBay Reports

Get the insiders secrets to making an obscene income on eBay. Here is where it all begins. At the Start...

  • How you can create a FULL time INCOME selling on eBay!
  • The BASICS of starting an eBay business.
  • Software & Resources to get you there.

AND you have FULL Resellers Rights.

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $9.95
101 Auction Secrets Revealed

101 Auction Secrets Revealed

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to make more money with your auctions?
  • How about decreasing the amount of time you spend listing your auctions?
  • How about a decrease in the amount of time you spend filling orders?
  • What are the best products to sell?
  • Make your Auction Ads look better using these Tips and tricks.
  • It is very important to know when to list and end your auction?
  • How to get people to LOOK at them?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you need this eBook! You will learn everything above and more in 101 Auction Secrets Revealed!!

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $14.95
beginner's guide to successful online auctions.

Beginner's Guide To Successful Online Auctions

This eBook will tell you what you need to know to be a success in the online auction world!
proven techniques that you can use:

  • "Top Ten" tips for Online Auction
  • Success (mainly for sellers)
  • Tips for Buyer
  • Tips for Sellers
  • Auction Tools
Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $15.95
Secret eBay Marketing

Secret eBay Marketing

An in-depth interview with top eBayer Jim Cockrum. Jim discusses his exact, step-by-step, eBay marketing techniques that thousands upon thousands of dollars in profit every single month...mostly on autopilot and from just a handful of auctions!

Perhaps that sounds impossible - but Jim will show you exactly how you can start using his tactics yourself. And the amazing thing is several of these techiniques I haven't seen talked about anywhere else! You'll have an immediate advantage over most of your eBay competition...

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $9.95

eBay Marketing Secrets

Shows you everything! How to get started, where to get products, marketing strategies and what to do at the close of each auction and more! You can be running your own eBay Business, and be EARNING MONEY ASAP!

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $9.95

eBay Marketing Secrets 2003

Receiving over 1.5 billion page views per month, eBay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling virtually any goods and making huge profits with almost no effort. eBbay Marketing 2003 provides easy to understand and detailed instructions for maximizing your profits with selling strategies that are PROVEN WINNERS .

This information could potentially make you 1000's on eBay. Although this book was based on eBay auctions, the overall information will work for ALL online auctions. The Author is going to pass on the SECRET SELLING TECHNIQUES that he uses each and every day to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars selling his products on internet auctions.

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $24.97

Auction Money Machine

This course provides you the information needed to get ahead on eBay™ and gives you an instant edge over your competitors. It will provide you with insider secrets on eBay trading that have been learned from years of online auction sales.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $24.95
Auction Prophet

Auction Prophet

In this ebook you will learn the tips & tricks you need to be a success in the online auction game!

You will learn:

  • Best times to post auctions!
  • Secrets of feedback!
  • How to spot suspicious sellers!
  • Super power searching!
  • How to bid like a pro!
  • Much much more!

This ebook appeals to buyers and sellers! If you dont know everything about auctions you soon will with Auction Prophet!

Resale Rights! Suggested Retail: $24.95

Auction Traffic!

This eBook will show you how to Create Huge amounts of traffic to your website. Using Online Auctions. It also explains in detail how to run a Successful Online Auction Business. By understanding the In's and Out's of Auctions, You can truly put the Information into Practice Effectively and Create Unlimited Amounts of traffic and Generate Endless Sales!

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $9.95

Using NLP on eBay

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of hypnosis based on hidden, subliminally persuasive language patterns spoken or written. NLP is used to indirectly, secretively persuade, sway, and also control ones subconscious mind and decision-making process without them ever knowing it.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $34.99

The New Millineum Guide to Internet Wholesale Sources

How many times have you asked yourself how the Ebay power sellers find all of the great items they sell for such a low price? Maybe you've spent hours doing online searches, trying to find the really HOT items that are going for much less than retail price.

Wouldn't you also like to be able to sell items such as Gameboys, Video Games, DVD Players, VCR's, CD Players and all of the other items that you see dozens of bids on each and every day? Well here's your chance to find the sources that will allow you to do just that!

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $19.95

Wholesale Sources 2003

The most useful Wholesale Source Guide ever put together... Save up to 90% on over ONE MILLION top quality brand-name products. Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators. Eliminate the middleman!

This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale prices.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $24.97
eBay Tips

eBay Buyer's Guide

Ebay is the world's greatest marketplace. You can find almost anything on eBay. From automobiles to homes, collectibles to furniture, airplanes to walking shoes, you can find them all and more on eBay.

In this special report, you will learn how to find items on eBay you might otherwise have missed. You will learn advance search techniques to find items hidden away on eBay. Also, you will learn how to avoid scammers and lower the risk of loosing your money.

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away
eBay Tips

eBay Seller's Giude

This report explains the tried and proven methods of eBay PowerSellers. You'll learn how to get higher bids. How to force viewers to look at your other auctions. How to get high quality, fast loading photographs in your auction. Learn exactly what you can do to lower complaints.

Find out how to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee and get very few returns. A simple strategy that will force buyers to leave feedback. Plus a lot more!

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away
Increase Auction Profits

Increase Auction Profits

In this ebook you will learn:

  • 10 effective ways to reduce your business costs
  • 10 things you should know before you bid
  • 12 ways to create an order-pulling niche
  • 10 ways text can impact your reader's buying decision
  • 10 mind altering words that make people buy
  • 10 motivational triggers that make people buy
  • 10 tips for writing a profit producing Ad
  • 10 killer ways to sell your back-end products
  • much more!
Give Away Rights! Free To Give Away
eBay Tips

eBay Tips

Learn seven of the best tips about eBay!

Decide what to sell...

Creating the perfect Ad...

Using Photos to increase Sales...

and more...

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away

Auction Hints

This informative eBook covers all aspects of starting and managing an auction business online. Learn how to keep your feedback positive and the customers happy while making a profit on everything you sell.

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away
eBay Secrets

eBay Secrets

Learn what no one else will ever tell you about making money on the webs most popular trading site!

Listen to this -> Anyone that will take the time to read and study this book can and will make Powerful Earnings from the Internet.

I have spent 6 years and thousands of dollars learning what I have put into this book.

It is free, please don't let that turn you away. Read It Today!!

Give Away Rights! Free To Give Away

Create a Full Time Income By Selling On eBay

Would you like to learn how to start earning a full time income by selling on eBay? This great eBook will show you everything you need to know!

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away

Create an Automated eBay Money Machine

In this ebook, How To Create An Automated eBay Money Machine , you will be taught step-by-step how to generate a full or part time income using online auctions.

Once you've examined this new resource, you'll have a very clear and concise combat plan detailing the exact steps you need to take to start, manage, and profit from your own online auction home based business.

If you already have experience on eBay, you can be sure to pick up a few tricks you may have not even thought of. You won't believe the 7 power seller sources that are finally revealed to you.

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away

The Live and Online Auction Dictionary

This eBook enables you to participate in any live or online auction with total confidence! Stop guessing and hoping for the best - learn the auction language today and start winning more auctions on your terms.

Give Away Rights! FREE To Give Away

Auction Tid Bits

Tid Bits of useful auction information from many different successful auction sellers such as Robbin K. Tungett, Barbara Ling, Gary Hendrickson, George Chapin, Jim Cockrum, Jim Kaiser, Jim Wilson, Karol Gajda, Neil Bartlett, Ricky Allen, Scott D. Prock, John Reese, Louis Allport, Skip McGrath and Sydney Johnston. Each of them jumped at the chance to share their knowledge with you... and all for FREE!

Give Away Rights!

FREE To Give Away

SUPER BONUSES: Order Today and receive these great eBooks with complete Resale Rights!

Bonus #1

Ebay Entrepreneur Kit

If you want to Start Selling On Ebay This is a must have Instant Download!

This ebook is one of the fastest selling informational ebooks to hit ebay™ and websites in a long time! Finally, information and not the dreaded outdated books regarding this fabulous auction site, Ebay™!

So you want to sell on ebay? Quit your job? Become an ebay™ entrepreneur our ebook has all the tools for you to get started instantly! This ebook is not filled with free information that can be found on ebay's auction site it is filled with answers to questions that people are dying to find out!

Did you ever search on ebay™ and wonder where do these guys get all this stuff so cheap? Have you sat in front of your computer wishing you could sell on ebay™ but you didn't know what to do or where to go to get the goods? Now you will know what to sell and where to get it!

And Finally we are offering you
full resale rights to this #1 Selling Download! You will receive resale rights and a ready to take order website! Put your payment information in and start making money now!

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $29.95

Bonus #2


“Automatically create Auction Ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without ANY programming!”

  • Works With All Online Auction Sites Including eBay™
  • Automatically generates all the HTML coding by itself!
  • Automatically changes background colors to your selection
  • Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clip board so all you need to do is "paste" the code into eBay™ (or any other online auction site).
  • Automatically allows to you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser window so you can check everything looks just right.
  • A professional website template , complete with the professional graphics and sales letter.
  • Complete Instructions for both using and reselling Auction-O-Matic within minutes of your purchase.
  • This is a GREAT time saving tool to have.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $29.95

Bonus #3


How to Build HTML

You know you've got to get online but how do you build your website? You're an entrepreneur, not a programmer!

Here's the problem:

  • You need to publish your website but you don't know HTML
  • There are resources out there like FrontPage and Dreamweaver that can help you build your website but you still need to know at least the HTML basics.
  • Where do you turn for easy, concise information?... you get the picture.

Here's the solution:

"How to Build HTML" presents both basic and advanced HTML commands you can use to help you build your website. You can even download templates to help you learn the commands!

Here's what you get:

  • 18 chapters of basic and advanced HTML commands.
  • There are real world examples for you to model and use.
  • Get free templates to help you with your programming.
  • Understand what you need to know about HTML.
  • Resell How to Build HTML and keep 100% of the profits!

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $20.00

Bonus #4


The Psychology of Selling

How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters By Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!

When it comes to selling online it's the sales letter that makes the difference between zero profits and thousands of dollars per month!

It's about understanding the "psychology of selling". It's about understanding your customer, getting inside his/her head, and using the psychological motivators that are already inherent within all humans.

It's all about understanding how the human mind works.

This document contains a collection of special articles that explain some of these psychological selling strategies that can help you create order-pulling sales letters.

Nothing you will ever do in your marketing career will be as profitable as learning to write your own powerful sales copy that brings in the cash every day!

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $37.00
Bonus #5

  Backup Pro

Backup Pro

Backup Pro is an easy to use backup/copy program...

You can use the built in timer to schedule a back-up for any time you wish.

Backup Pro can back-up any number of folders and files from anywhere on your system.

Backup Pro can copy the files to another location and zip them if you wish.

For additional security Backup Pro can even password protect the zipped files. This feature is handy for download sellers who want to protect their download items from theft.

Resale Rights!

Suggested Retail: $9.95

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP + Internet Explorer Browser ver. 4.0 or higher.

All files download in zip format. Some ebooks are .exe and some are in PDF format and will require a PDF Reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat. Links to Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip will be provided.

If you were to purchase all the titles individually you could spend almost $400! And you would have to spend hours searching for many!

With your purchase you not only gain a higher knowledge of eBay and other auction sites but you also get resale or give away rights to each ebook!

This is a package that you can not afford to pass up!

As a very special offer to our customers, we are making the entire eBay Seller eBook Collection available, including all 26 ebooks and bonuses, for the amazing low price of 
JUST $29.95  $9.97 Today! BUY We must be crazy to offer all this for only $9.97!  So Don't Miss Out - ORDER TODAY, before we come to our senses and yank this offer!!!  (Download instructions for all ebooks will be emailed to you within 1 business day.)

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