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Success Is State of Mind

Knowing the fundamentals of your trade is just not enough!

It's a well documented and proven fact that all successful people have one thing in common...


They all understand the importance of their work ethics as well as their attitude towards themselves and the world as a whole.

The "Rich and Famous" have been studied by thousands, and countless books have been written on the subject of why one person is succesful, where another equally talented and resourceful person fails.

To become successful at anything, you have to first BELIEVE that you can be successful. And, to BELIEVE that you can be successful, you must first believe that you DESERVE to be successful. And that means, being at peace with yourself and the world you live in.

We at "The Affililate Review" include a weekly article on this subject, to help keep our readers focused on the important things in life. For the surest path to financial success is to first find personal success.

This then, is the best of those articles, written by some of the best motivational authors in the world today. Many of these articles are "Anonymous", but that, in no way deminishes the importance of their messages.

DO NOT skip this portion of your education.

It Just May be The Most Important Step Of All!


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The following is a list of these great motivational Articles and Stories...

A Day In The Life...A Teachers Tale
Author Unknown

A Holiday Tale...
Author unknown

A True Story
Author Unknown

"Aim Small - Miss Small" - A Lesson In Proactive Goal Setting
by Randy Gilbert

"Andrew Carnegie's Fantastic Secret To Job Success"
By Randy Gilbert

Another Great Story
Author unknown

Benjamin Franklin's TOP Secret Remedy For TOMORROW-itis
by Randy Gilbert

by Chris Widener

The words of Andy Rooney

Fish With the BIG Net!
by Jim Allen

Go West Young Man  "There's Gold In Them Thar Hills"
by Len Thurmond

Got Dreams?
by Robert Hopper

How Old Do You Think I Am?
Author unknown

I Want To Be Six Again
Author Unknown

by Karen Kosel

Author unknown

InterNetwork Marketing - A Gift of Time
by Margaret Shank

"Learning From  Fido" (or,  the real gurrrrus online)
by Larry Johnson

Life Has It's Up's And Down's
by Malcolm Harvey

by Jim Rohn

Miz Thompson's Store
by Judy Wogoman

"Proactive Patriotism" Enjoying Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
by Randy Gilbert

Author unknown

Author unknown

September 11th, 2001
by Len Thurmond

Sex and the Gods of Internet Marketing
by Linda Cox

Something to think about
Author unknown

"Stretching That Comfort Zone"
by Teri Mitchell

The Death of Common Sense
Author unknown

The Good Ole Days
Author unknown

The Rocking Chair
by Trevor Emdon

The Trouble with Sam
by Michael Angier

The Ultimate Freebie--Thoughts for the Year Zero
by Judy Wogoman

The United States Congress
Author unknown

Twas The Week Before Christmas...
by Len Thurmond

Unconditional Success
by Judy Wogoman

What is the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and why do we have it?
by Greg Hobbs

Why the heck are you doing this?
by Malcolm Harvey

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