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Where Should You Look For Advice? 

If you have a Medical Problem, do you go to a friend for advice, or a successful Doctor with a Proven Reputation?

Would you ask the kid who cuts your grass for Tax advice, or go to a recommended CPA?

The answers to these questions seem obvious, but all too many people still listen to the advice of those who don't have a clue!

Well Folks, Internet Marketing is no different. If you want advice, you have to seek out the people who know what their talking about. Those who have Walked the Walk, and earned the right to Talk the Talk!

Enter..."The Affiliate Review"

Hi Len, I'd like to congratulate you on your latest ebook masterpiece 'The Best Of The Best' Not only have you compiled a huge array of information guaranteed to help anyone succeed online you have also included bonus books that are mind boggling.   Also as a reprint rights marketer your offer stands out as a huge money earner for anyone interested in aquiring the resale rights at such an affordable price.   Keep up the good work Allan Wilson


Dear Internet Friend,

About two years ago, I decided to publish an Ezine dedicated to bringing you the truth about Internet Marketing. Since that time our reputation, and own subscriber base, has grown by leaps and bounds, as we've scoured the net each and every week for the best Articles, Tutorials, Ebooks and Programs that were available, and reported honestly on them to our readers.

"The Affiliate Review" has published hundreds of these articles from some of the best known and most successful minds on the planet, and kept our readers up to date on the best and latest marketing tactics.

We've also researched and reported on dozens of the many money making programs that proliferate the online world, and have uncovered many scams, as well as recommending the few programs out there that we found to be truly worth while.

This Ebook, is The Best of The Best of The Best!

If you need medical advice...Ask A Doctor.


If you want to know how to be successful at Marketing


"The Best of The Best"

"The Best of The Best"... is a collection of top-quality thought-provoking articles, links and tools for
the budding Internet marketer. With jokes and
inspirational comments thrown in, you'll achieve
success while having some fun!"

Neil Shearing, Ph.D.
Helping You Achieve Internet Success...

Inside This Ebook, You'll Find...

Techniques that work, and advice you can trust on the "Do's and Don'ts from such well known, successful entrepreneurs as...

  • Terry Dean
  • Wes Blaylock
  • Corey Rudl
  • Pam Renovato
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Linda Cox
  • Bob Leduc
  • Judy Wogoman
  • Jim Daniels
  • Dale Armin Miller
  • Allen Says
  • Yanik Silver
  • Gail Hornback
  • Jan Tallent-Dandridge
  • Joe Robson
  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Mark Joyner
  • Terri Seymour
  • Joseph Sugarman
  • Shelley Lowery
  • Ben Pedersen
  • Kate Schultz
  • Rick Beneteau
  • Joe Vitale
  • Lee Benson
  • Niel Shearing
  • And Many More!

Literally Hundreds of articles, full of great advice on how to successfully build your online business, The Right Way...The First Time! (Click Here or on the "Best of The Best" button on the left hand side of this page for a complete list of the articles)

But, We Didn't Stop There!

The pursuit of Success doesn't end with the basic fundamentals of the trade. You must first understand the rules of Success in order to put these Fundamentals to good use.

All of the wealthy people interviewed and studied throughout history, have had one thing in common...


Belief in oneself is the #1 contributing factor to Success in anything!

  • The Belief that you can succeed...

  • The Belief that you deserve to succeed, and...

  • An understanding of, and compassion for your fellow man...

These things, above all, are fundamental to your chances of success!

To that end, we, at The Affiliate Review, include a section called..."Food for Thought", in each weekly issue, to help keep our readers focused on the important things in life. Because...

True Success Follows Those Who Are At Peace With Themselves!

Inside "The Best of The Best", you'll find a section on the best of "Food for Thought". Dozens of articles and stories that touch the heart and heal the mind, and help prepare YOU for Success. (Click Here or on the "Food for Thought" button to see a list of these Great Motivational Articles)

And There's Still More...

Because, Laughter Makes The Heart Lighter, And A Lighthearted Person Is much More Likely To Succeed...

We've included a section called "Just for Laughs", in which you'll find hundreds of the funniest jokes you ever heard. The best of the crop, taken from the weekly "And Now For Something Completely Different" section of "The Affiliate Review". While reviewing the jokes from the last two years, to put this section together, I could hardly stop laughing long enough to type!

Are you down in the dumps? Do you need a lift? This section is for you!

Computer Tips

This section is filled with computer tips about how to more efficiently use your computer. Most of these tips come from our "Tips" section, which features weekly tips from Tom Glander, the co-founder and resident  "Techie" of "The Newbie Club". Here you'll find useful tips for Veterans and Newbies alike. I've been working with computers for over seven years now, and consider myself very computer literate, but I've learned a lot from publishing this weekly tip, over the last two years. If you think you know it all...Think Again!

The last "Tip" is an online Tip that changes weekly, from one of the most talented Programmers around, Will Bontrager. Come back weekly to this great source of programming tips! (Must be viewed while online)

Money Makers

Since "The Affiliate Review" was founded predominantly to help people find good Affiliate Programs and stop getting "Ripped Off", you'll find a section on "Money Makers". A list of articles and reviews of "The Best" tried and proven affiliate programs available today. You won't find any "Flash In The Pan" programs here. These have all been well researched and recommended for their soundness, longevity and Money Making ability. These are truly...The Best of The Best!

Suggested Reading...

In this section, you'll find a list of recommended Ebooks. These ebooks have been thoroughly researched and recommended for their content. Don't waste your time reading the Thousands of other ebooks out there that just create "Information Overload". These are the ones that are worth your time and consideration.

While many of these Ebook courses have Affiliate Programs that are also proven "Money Makers" in their own right, we've separated them out into their own section, as an educational list of "Must Read eCourses".


Ya Gotta Ask Yourself This...

Why waste your time reading all the ebooks, by all the "Wannabe Gurus"...

When you can read the True Sage Advice of the "Real Gurus" compiled into one book? 

"The Best of The Best" is the result of YEARS of research. It could not have been written in a week or two, like most of the "Tomes of Wisdom" out there.

This Is The Truth, From Those That Know!

Advice You Can Count On!


Hi Len,

I'm impressed. Here are some of my true feelings about "The
Best of The Best" presented in a format you may
use as a testimonial from me.

You created a very professional product with valuable
information ...and it's fast loading and easy to use. Plus
you included some other downloads and bonuses that make it
an exceptional value. If you were one of my clients, my
first suggestion would be to increase your price.

Bob Leduc,


Of Course We've Got Bonuses

We've Carefully Hand Picked Your Bonuses

To Compliment the Content in this Ebook

Bonus #1 ... Ingredients For Success
by Pam Renevato

A comprehensive tutorial complete with step by step instructions and all the resources you need to be successful on the net.

Bonus #2 ... 33 Days to Online Profits
by Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards

This program is without a doubt the best step by step course on how to market anything on the Internet. Yanik and Jim take you through a 33 day, easy to follow progression to succesful marketing. It may well be the most concise and useful Ebook I have ever read!

Bonus #3 ... Internet Gurus Exposed
by Frank Kern

Learn from three of the best as they explain how they achieved their success in this highly competitive field. Emulate their advice and you'll achieve yours!

Bonus #4 ... Spiritual Marketing
by Joe Vitale

Joe vitale is one of the most successful writers in the world. His "Hypnotic Writing" series has sold hundreds of thousands of books. In this book, Joe goes into the Mind set that is necessary to be successful at anything. This is a must read!

Bonus #5 ... As a Man Thinketh
by James Allen

This "Timeless" classic is perhaps one of the most important books ever written. It ranks right up there with Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", and is one of the best motivational books of all time!

Bonus #6 ... 29 Tutorials
by Tom Glander

Tom Glander, one of the two founders of "The Newbie Club", wrote this easy to understand ebook to help "Newbies" with the use of computers. However, rest assured, that we 'Veterans' can learn a thing or two from Tom!

Bonus #7
... Profit Pulling Reports
by Jimmy D. Brown

This brand new, just released Ebook by Jimmy D. Brown, explains how to create and use Reports to promote your own products. This was literally just released and is a hot seller at $19.97 (Yours as a Bonus, complete w/resale rights)

And Last But Certainly Not Least

A Very Special Extra Bonus...

"Achieving Liftoff" by Allan Wilson.

This amazingly comprehensive ebook reveals Allan's "Fast Road To Starting An Internet Business Training Series", and comes with  19 important and valuable bonuses of it's own. This very popular new Ebook is selling for $27 as we speak.

One of the many bonuses in this great package is the "Professional eBook Cover Creation Tutorial", complete with all the software and Templates you need to create Killer Ebook covers. I created the Cover for this Ebook with this amazing Free Software and a little imagination!

And, as if that weren't enough...

You will also receive Royalty Free Resale Rights to the whole

Achieving Liftoff Package!

All of this At No Extra Charge With Your Purchase of

"The Best of The Best"

That's a total of 27 bonus ebooks worth over $300!

Enough Already...So How Much Is It?

I agonized over what to charge for this ebook. After all, the content of "The Best of The Best" is Priceless. It represents over Two years of research and contains an incredible amount of Timeless Material.

Not to mention the Bonuses That are worth well over $300 all by themselves.

I know this ebook is destined to be a Classic, so I considered selling it for $49.95, a fair price and something that I figured most serious marketers could afford.

But, in the end, I've decided to make it Affordable to everyone by charging only $29.95 for the whole enchilada!

And you still get my Unconditional Gaurantee!

If for any reason at anytime in the next 12 months, you don't agree that "The Best of The Best" was worth every penny, I'll gladly refund your money.

Every Dime!

Now Is That Fair Or What?


"The Best of The Best"

To Get the 'Real' story, from the 'Real' Experts


You will be given Instant access to the download link!

And That's Not All!



"The Best of The Best"

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Success at anything REQUIRES an education...


Here's to Your Success,

Len Thurmond
Editor of "The Affiliate Review"

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