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Master Reprint Rights Agreement

1) In order to protect you and anyone else who buys these rights I ask that you not give these rights away to others for free unless you're including them in a package that sells for more than $30. While I can't force you to honor this... It's in your best interest to do so. Besides, by taking care of these rights and using them for the right reason (to make money), I'll be more inclined to create more products like this for you in the future.

2) You are not allowed to change any of the information you see in these courses except where indicated in the README.html file you'll get. I've laid this eCourse out piece by piece with instructions on exactly how to customize this eCourse for profit. Changing any of the content is a copyright violation and immediately revokes your rights to sell this eCourse.

3) You may not market this eCourse through the use of "Unsolicited Commercial Email" or "SPAM". Doing so will automatically terminate your rights to sell this eCourse.

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Please understand that you may not make a dime from selling master reprint rights to this eCourse. You are buying rights to a digital product... Not a guarantee to make money. I've done my best to create a product that has great appeal... What you do with it is up to you.

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