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The Biggest, the Best, the Most Valuable
Information Products Package ever put together.

"The Ultimate eBusiness" is a complete Turnkey eBusiness, carefully thought out and created to get your eBusines up and running, and ready to make money, in less than an hour.

It comes with easy to understand, step by step instructions, that even a child could follow. Complete with your very own Sales page, Thankyou/Download Pages, and Products List Page, ready to change to your links, upload to your server and start making money right away!

And, the HUNDREDS of in demand products in this Ultimate Package, reside on our server, so you don't even have to upload them to your site! All the download links are inside The Ultimate eBusiness Ebook.

Your customers will simply download The Ultimate eBusiness Ebook from you, and we take care of the rest. You can literally run this incredibly profitable eBusiness from a 5 megabyte website! 

We've Thought of Everything!

We'll even show you how to set up your own accounting system that takes your orders for you, delivers your products, keeps track of your sales, notifies you when a sale has been made and even mails you a check twice a month!

You will be up and running in less than an Hour

We give you everything you need to start taking orders and living the lifestyle you've only dreamed of!

Millions of Dollars are being made from the sale of Info Products Every Year.

Isn't it about time you got Your Piece of the Pie?


It's 10:05 Thursday morning...

You wake up, turn on your computer and check your email. And, guess what? You've made hundreds of dollars while you were sleeping, and all you had to do was send out a few ads letting people know where they could check out your great new product, and...

"The Ultimate eBusiness" does all the selling for you!

Or, how about this...

You wake up at noon (that works for me ;o), grab your cup of coffee, head for the back door, and out to that chase lounge on the beach. You open up your new state of the art laptop (hey, you can afford one now), connect to the web and count your sales in the warmth of the noonday sun, while the surf gently ads that soothing background noise, and the breakers roll across that jetty that separates you from your nearest neighbor (Why not, it could happen to you. You'll only be as successful as your dreams. SO, YOU NEED TO DREAM BIG!)

All you need to make your dreams come true is the right business opportunity.

And You Just Found It!

"The Ultimate eBusiness"
Is Your Ticket To
Financial Freedom

Let's face facts, shall we? You're never gonna make your fortune as an affiliate, selling other peoples products. You need your own products, so when you sell them, you keep  ALL  the money for yourself, instead of making the other guy rich.

With your Ultimate eBusiness Package, you can have it all.

Information Products Rule the Internet!

What is it that draws people to the Internet?

Why are millions of new surfers getting connected to the Internet every year?

Because... the Internet is the best information source that this planet has ever seen! Instant Information, on every possible subject, is available with just a few clicks of the mouse, and these millions of people are willing and eager to pay for the information that they need!

Did you know that someone starts a new home business every 11 seconds?

Well it's true, and they all need information, products to sell, a proven system that works, and someone to show them the way!

In today's rapidly changing economy, more and more people are looking for a way to make money from the comfort of their own homes.

"The Ultimate eBusiness" is exactly what they're looking for!

And best of all...You can fulfill your dreams, as well as theirs, just by making it available to them. They're literally searching the Net, as we speak, looking for what you hold in your hands, right now, with this Turnkey eBusiness Package.

Ain't Life Great!

Your Turnkey Ultimate eBusiness Package Includes...

Over 200 Ebooks...All with royalty free Resale or Distribution Rights, written by the Top "Gurus" on the Net today. People like...

  • Terry Dean
  • Ken Silver
  • Rob Frankel
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Tom Glander
  • Marlon Sanders
  • John Colanzi
  • Frank Kern
  • Dirk Dupon
  • Shelly Lowery
  • Rick Beneteau
  • And dozens of other famous Marketing Mentors...

Over two dozen indispensable Marketing software applications


The Ultimate eLibrary - with over 6000 more eBooks, reports, software apps, web tools and other resources.

Your turnkey Business package comes complete with ...

Your own Sales page, Just like this one! 

A Ready to use Thankyou Page From which your customers can download their Ultimate eBusiness Package, Right Away!

An Impressive Products list page, with hundreds of irresitable marketing products , guaranteed to whet the appitite of anyone who wants to market anything on the Net!

All linked together and ready to take orders for you. You just customize your links, upload it to your server and start sending out ads to your best lists. Then just sit back and watch the sales roll in.


If you order now, You'll recieve these extra special bonuses! 


Profit Pulling Reports...This brand new, just released Ebook by Jimmy D. Brown, tells you how to create and use Reports to promote your own products (such as your new ULTIMATE eBUSINESS). This was literally just released and is a hot seller at $19.97 (Yours as a Bonus, complete w/resale rights)


Don't have a list of your own...How about a copy of Ezine Ads Profits by Jimmy D. Brown. A $9.97 Ebook with full resale rights, that explains the mystery of Ezine advertising, how to write ads that sell, and where to place them. This little ebook is worth it's weight in gold. Yours FREE!


A copy of "Working with Clickbank"... This $9.95 ebook by Tom Hua will show you how to set up your own credit card taking eBusiness. Yours FREE with The Ultimate eBusiness Package. You can be taking in money in a matter of Minutes. You can even set up a fully automated Affiliate Program through them for free! (I told you we'd give you everything you need!)

Information and Software downloads!

But the best part is...

It all permanently resides on MY Server, ready for you and your customers to download at will. There is no need for you to ever upload this huge amount of data to your own server (I had to upgrade my hosting package just to store all this data, for you to be able to download it from me). The entire ''Ultimate eBusiness Package" is self-contained in one small easy to download ebook, with links that take you to the download addresses of each individual item. You can download them all Right Away, if you've got the time, or do it at your leisure.


So, How Much Is It?

Now,I Know You'd Expect To Pay At least One Hundred Fifty to Two Hundred Bucks for such a complete, Turnkey eBusiness Package, because that's what my competitors are getting for similar packages, that have only a fraction of the products included in THE ULTIMATE eBUSINESS Package. (I've even seen these packages going for as much as three hundred dollars and more.)

But, I've always believed in 'Over Delivering', and I believe that everyone has to right to follow their dreams. So, for a limited time only, I'm going to let you have the "Ultimate eBusiness Package", complete with resale rights, 4 page customizable web site (just like this one), and all the bonuses for only $97!

AND, as always...Your New Business comes with...

My Ironclad, Unconditional, 100% Guarantee...

I'm so sure that you will love the "THE ULTIMATE eBUSINESS" Package, that I'm taking all the risk!

If for any reason, at any time in the next year, you don't think that your purchase was worth the ridiculously low price that I'm asking, I'll give you back 100% of your investment, with no questions asked. And you can keep all the bonus Ebooks. .

Now, is that fair, or what?

Just think! Sell just ONE of these incredibly Valuable Packages, at the ridiculously low price of just $97 (I know you can do that!), and you've got your investment back.

Sell Just TWO And You've Doubled Your Money!

Or... Sell just two or three of the Blockbuster Ebooks that are part of the ''Ultimate eBusiness Package", and you're already in the Green! (Remember, you can sell these ebooks separately, as a whole package, or even repackage them into a bunch of smaller packages, to keep your product line fresh. You decide how you want to sell them. It's entirely up to you!)

But We're Not Done Yet!


If you order by before midnight   you'll also receive a copy of "The Best of The Best", also, with full resale rights!

I just released this Blockbuster Ebook Package about a month ago, and it's selling like hotcakes! The Master rights to this Package alone, are selling for $99.95! Yours FREE, for A Limited Time Only , as a very special bonus! (This Truly Is A Limited Offer! My wife made me sleep on the couch, when I added this one in, so I don't know how long I'll be able to offer it. I miss my bed!)

This brand new Ebook is a veritable treasure trove of marketing wisdom, and chocked full of valuable affiliate links, many of which are customizable. Just join the affiliate programs, substitute your own affiliate links, and start reaping a second income from the programs featured inside. (While you do get the Master Right to "The Best of The Best", you may not give this one away! You must resell it for the same price as everyone else, to maintain the value of this great new resource package. The ebook sells for $29.95, the resale rights sell for $49.95 and the Master Rights sell for $99.95)

"The Best of The Best" is full of the very best tutorials, by the very best marketers in the world. And a whole lot more! (Go check it out for yourself. Just Click Here

You can sell this Valuable and Informative New Ebook, sell the Resale Rights, or sell the Master Rights, and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. And, the links inside will continue to work for you 24/7.

They say that Opportunity only knocks once...

Listen...Can you hear it?


If you've dreamed of working for yourself, from the comfort of your own home, then you can't afford to pass this up!

Just think what your neighbors will think, as they leave for work every morning and drive by your house, seeing that new Mercedes in the driveway, and knowing that you're still asleep.


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You Can't Go Wrong With Information Products

Start Your Internet Marketing Career NOW!

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See ya at the Bank,

Len Thurmond

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