Money Jr. CD-ROMOver 7,000 Reports with Complete Resell Rights, you'll get an Enclosed 50 Page Dealersite. Duplicate the Entire CD for $1.00/ea. and Resell them for $49.95/ea., Plus MUCH, MUCH MORE!" hot, home, business,  reports, books, home, opportunities, make, money, income, extra, 7000 reports


Money Jr. CD-ROM

"Lunatic Offers 4,850% Profit for Each CD Sold!"
Money Jr. CD-ROM

"When you Purchase the MONEY! Jr. CD-ROM, not only do you get Over 7,000 Reports with Complete Resell Rights, you'll get an Enclosed 50 Page Dealersite. Duplicate the Entire CD for $1.00/ea. and Resell them for up to $49.95/ea., Plus MUCH, MUCH MORE!"

"We think the MONEY! Jr. CD-ROM is a Wonderful Opportunity. The CD is filled with so much information that it's almost hard to believe. The thing we like most is the idea of being able to work with something so easy to sell, not only the CD but the Dealership also. What I mean is this is actually a business that WILL build equity as time goes on and will gradually increase in its resell value. The Website is a tremendous asset for our business and a great help to all those who don't have the Time, Resources or a Clue of what it takes to develop their own. Also, this CD can benefit all people of all ages and all races which is rare these days. There's something in this program For Everyone. We'll ALWAYS Purchase Brian's Products!"
Roger & Peggy Watts, Tulsa OK.

From: Brian K. Garvin

Dear Friend,

If you ever wanted "the easy way out" to make a lot of money with a business of your own, a Business where you can Hit the Ground Running... Here is the...


I'm writing this letter to let you in on something that'll blow you away. What I'm about to present is something I've never done before.. something that I'll never do again..


For the past few years.. I've have been running ads in Newspapers & Magazines, by Direct Mail, and Throughout the Internet. These ads were always small and very cheap..

On these ads, we have been selling Little Manuals. These Manuals have sold for anywhere between $10 to $99 each. We always ran Different ads for each Manual we were selling.

I like selling information because NOBODY can put a price on it.. ESPECIALLY when it is your own.. The Sky is the Limit!

Plus it is very cheap to reproduce How-To Manuals. It costs between 40 cents and $3 to print the entire print manuals and around 35 cents to copy the manuals on disk. AND you can sell them for up to $99 each. That is one heck of a markup!

These manuals tell you how to get a car with no money down and no credit.. another one tells you how to avoid taxes by depositing Income Offshore.. now you may not be interested in saving money by going offshore.. but believe me.. there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DO.. and they are willing to pay me to teach them!!!

Well this is where the Unbelievable offer comes in.. I hope you are sitting down for this one.. because this is a once in a lifetime chance for you. I do not know of an easier way to become financially independent.. In fact..


The next few paragraphs will reveal everything to you.

I am willing to sell you my entire informational product line with FULL REPRINT RIGHTS and complete Step-by-Step Instructions on how to start your Mail Order Information Business with very little money. These are NEW Reports, not old Rehashed ones.

Over 190 Categories of Money Making Knowhow!

Remember, these reports are PROVEN WINNERS. Some of These Reports Include..

  1. How to Get FREE Microsoft Software, 100% Legally and Ethically.

  2. Earn $300-500 Monthly by Putting Company Advertisements on your Vehicle.

  3. Where to Get Free Internet, ISDN and DSL Access.

  4. 21,000 Postal Leads (21,000 Actual Postal Leads Included)

  5. Email Addresses of Celebrities

  6. Lists of Wholesale Magazines with High Volume Purchasers (w/Contact Info)

  7. Lists of "Opportunity" Magazines and Adsheets (w/Contact Info)

  8. How to Advertise to 100,000,000 People for $1,100.00

  9. How to Make a Living on

  10. How to Get on TV for $500.00

  11. Where to Find a Web Hosting Company that Pays YOU

  12. Where to Get Paid for Filling out Surveys

  13. List of 800/900 Service Bureaus

  14. List of Newspaper Advertising Agencies

  15. Voicemail Answering Services

  16. Broadcast Fax Services

  17. Predictive Dialing Systems

  18. List of Liquidation Portals

  19. List of Auction Sites

  20. Web Design Tips

  21. Where to Get a FREE Merchant Account, No Monthlies, No Up Front Fees

  22. Where to Create Professional Looking Banners Online FREE (Save Hundreds)

  23. Where to Send a Press Release and have it Reviewed, FREE (Save $345.00)

  24. Get Door to Door Directions to Anyone in the US, FREE

  25. 100% FREE Autoresponders, NO Nag Screens, NO Advertisements

  26. Ezines you can Advertise in, FREE

  27. Where to send Anonymous Email or browse the web in Stealth Mode, FREE

  28. Where to get a FREE Anonymous Digital Certificate

  29. Where to get a FREE Banner Rotation Script

  30. Where to get a FREE eBook Compiler. No, it's not Bull!

  31. Where to Purchase all your Groceries Online and Save Time and Headache

  32. Where to Listen to Live Police Scanners Online, FREE

  33. Where to get a FREE, Fully Functional Shopping Cart

  34. Where to get a FREE Education, right Online

  35. Where to get a FREE Fax Number that will Forward Faxes to your Email

  36. How to Format any Standard 1.44MB Floppy to 1.7MB

  37. How to Offer Free Email on your Website, your cost, $0.00

  38. Make FREE Unlimited, Long Distance Phone Calls to Anyone in the US

  39. Contact over 1,200 Newspapers and Magazines with one Mouse Click, FREE

  40. Where to Barter Your Companies Products to Expand Your Product Line

  41. 2 FREE Website Submission Services, NEVER pay again

  42. Where to Get a FREE Batch URL Submitter

  43. 500 Current Marketing Reports Written by the Latest "Gurus"

Please Don't Mistake this CD for Other Similar "Report CD's". There is no Comparison. We Offer More Reports and the Reports Offer Current, Up to Date Information Millions will NEED to Run Successful Internet and Mail Order Businesses. Reprints Publisher offers 850 Reports and Retails for $79.95. Million Dollar Publishing Company in a Box Retails for $149.95 and Offers only 2,000 Reports, and NOT even Close to being as Up To Date.

While Most Dealer Website are made to Promote only their Products, ours is made with an Open Interface Layout where you can Put all your Favorite Money Making Programs. We've even Included a Complete Opportunity Farm inside so you can add your Favorite Money Making Programs in this "Mini Mall" and Expand as eCommerce Expands. This way, you'll be earning Multiple Streams of Income with this Product instead of Depending on just one. You can even Add Entire Directories. We show you how!

Plus, NONE of them Offer a Website like this you can use to make Selling this CD so much easier.  Just add your payment processor and upload to your host.   We make Profiting with this CD a "Walk in the Park". The Truth is, Brian Garvin is the Leader in Self-Publishing CD's, because it's his Main Business. Other people that try to put out Similar CD's always fall short, because they don't put in the necessary Money or Time Required to put one out that will Really Change Peoples Lives.

Everything about my Competitors Report CD's Stink! The Reports, Interface, File Layout, Navigation, Install Methods and Dealer Site (most don't have one). If you Purchase one of Their CD's, it's like you've paid $40,000 for a VW when you could have Purchased a Brand New Porsche for $5,000. It just doesn't make economical sense.

When you Purchase this CD, not only will you get all the Reports above Plus Thousands More for one Low Price, we're even going one step further. You'll actually Receive a Special, Unheard of
Duplication License. You'll be able to make copies of and Resell this Entire CD. Each CD has a 50 Page, User-Friendly Website, just like this one.

You'll Receive a Worldwide, Royalty Free License to make Unlimited Copies of this CD and sell them all over the World.

Be Part of the Exciting Information SubCulture. Your Cost..

$49.95 $17.27 +S&H - Order Now!

Full One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

100% Quality Guarantee

Our Guarantee Consists of The Following..
  1. That this Product Performs Exactly as Represented.
  2. That this CD is of Quality and Without Major Defect.

"If I don't Deliver Everything I Promise, I'll Refund Every Penny. More than Likely, you've heard my Name Around the Business Before. I'm not going to Sacrifice my Reputation for any Unhappy Customers. I would Rather Refund you than for you to be Unhappy. Just Prove to me this CD doesn't Include Everything Promised in this Sales Letter, and your Check will be in the Mail the Next Business Day! That's a Personal Promise."
Brian K. Garvin

We Stand Behind this Product 100%!

If you think you can Start Making Money on the Internet, you can!

Unfortunately, since it's so easy to make Money on the Internet, it's just as easy not to. Don't be in the group that sits back and watches others make money, when you can be doing it yourself so much easier now. With this System, you don't have to spend years in Forums and Subscribing to Newsletters Praying to Find Bits and Pieces of the Whole Picture. Please Remember, life's not getting any easier, your bills aren't getting any lower, and you're not getting any younger. Don't you think you finally owe it to yourself to start Learning Internet Marketing and Start Planning your Retirement.

Order Now, and you can Unleash this "Weapon of War" on the Web by Next Week!

You can Make Excuses or you can Make Money but you can't make both. The Jet Plane has Been Prepared, the Operating Manual is Waiting, all you need to do is Learn to Fly.

You owe this Opportunity to yourself so Order Now and become a player!


- Purchase Today For Only $49.95 $17.27 -


Secure Order Form

Important Disclaimer

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee  

Welcome to a Brighter Way to do eCommerce :-)


Brian K. Garvin

The MONEY Jr. CD-ROM Group!

NOTE: Windows XP may remove the ability of WordPad to read the files in the MoneyJr. CD and in other text CD's. You will find the simple solution to this problem on the Microsoft Website at

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