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Golf is played around the world.  Players like Jack Nickolas, Gary Player, Sam Snead and others put the game on the map.  Today we watch with amazement at the skills of players like Tiger Woods.

Golf is a game of power and finesse.  Power to drive the ball over water and sand hazards and finesse to put the ball on the green then sink the longest of puts over sloping terrain.  Its popularity stems from the fact that the game is very social allowing easy interaction and discussion among the players while taking a stroll (or ride in today's games) around a neatly manicured garden-like field.  The fact that it can be played buy two (twosome), three (threesome) or four (foursome) makes it an ideal informal business tool to build trust between customer and businessman.

Golf is played around the world on approximately thirty-thousand courses by tens of millions of players, both male and female.  Golf tours such as the U.S. Open allow the best players to complete around the world for cash prizes.  These tours are attended by spectators and broadcasted on major television networks.

Golf is a game for all ages and is played by many well into their 70's.  If you would enjoy a walk or open drive over manicured grass fields while occasionally releasing life's frustrations by whacking a little ball with a long stick, golf may just be your game!



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