YOU can build your own self-publishing empire and make a fortune! If you possess the information that people want, YOU can produce it for pennies and sell it for dollars!  Start Making Money Today!instant, publisher, publishing, how, to, reprint, rights, sell, books, reports, guides, home, business, opportunities, make, money, self, income, publishing, instant2000 Books and Reports You Can Sell with Software Bonuses and More!


Instant Publishing Package

The Publisher Series

2,000 Books and Reports You Can Publish
And Sell with Software Bonuses & More!

YOU CAN build your own self-publishing empire!

If you possess the information that people want, YOU can produce it for pennies… and sell it for dollars!

The high-quality information on the "2000 How-To Books, Reports and Guides You Can Reprint and Sell" Instant Publishing Package is fully up-to-date, and written & edited by some of the most experienced direct mail professionals in the industry. Business Reports, Computer Reports, Legal Forms and more! Each of these books, reports and guides is packed with information that people want and need to read - and they will pay you to buy them!

With YOUR copy of the "2000 How-To Books, Reports and Guides You Can Reprint and Sell" Instant Publishing Package, you can:

Create your own publishing firm specializing in information marketing & how-to publishing!

You have FULL, UNLIMITED reprint and resell rights to all the reports in this package. You can even resell the reproduction rights if  you wish!

Use the information to create newsletters, books, special reports.

Combine it any way you want to make an INFINITE number of exciting, NEW products.

Use the information any way you want! You can even sell the full package, just like we do!!! THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS!

You will have the complete text of all 2000 books, reports and guides that you can print & sell!

Market these high-profit reports from your own home!

Keep ALL the profits - 100% - with no royalties to pay!

All Books, Reports, etc. are provided in ASCII format and can be read from any IBM compatible computer or any Macintosh that can read IBM formatted files.

You will find these files easy-to-use…even if you're new to computers!

Download A Catalog Listing Most Reports (107kb)
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You get all these reports and more....

     35 Money Making Mail Order Booklets to Print & Sell
     15 Reports on How to Earn Money Fighting Crime
     320 Money Secrets and Sources
     17 Reports on the Best Businesses to Start in the 90's
     38 Reports on Starting Your Own Business
     34 Reports on Success in Mail Order
     18 Money Making Formulas
     52 Reports on Advertising Success Secrets!
     67 Ways to Make Money from Your Hobbies
     38 Ways to Make Money from Food and Drink
     102 Reports on How to Live a Healthier & Happier Life!
     59 Business Manuals
     74 Reports on Generating Profits with your Computer
     And 100's more!!


Be one of the First 500 Customers to order our NEW Instant Publishing Package and get the following incredible FREE Bonuses!
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Bonus 1) A 200+ page book that will teach you everything you need to know to run your business Successfully and Profitably from Day 1!

Bonus 2) A list of 276 places you can run a 1" ad for $5 or LESS!

Bonus 3) Access to a Secret Search Engine where you can keyword search over 1,200 Insider Business Reports, Legal Forms and Business Letters for the ones you want!  You can even view them right from your browser.

Bonus 4) "Web Site Design for Top Search Engine Positioning", the must-read 50 page Professionally Written HTML HyperText Manual explaining the Secrets of  High Search Engine Positioning.   Resale Rights Included!  Along with "Hot Tips For Top Search Engine Placement".  Read about everything in this huge manual by clicking on the title.   We are selling this work elsewhere on this site separately for $9.95.

Bonus 5) Start the orders flowing! Submit Your Classified Ads easily to hundreds of classified sites with the InterNETACTIVE software.

Bonus 6) Now You can Accept Checks by fax, phone or email! This Software will print customer checks that your bank will accept. It is being sold elsewhere alone for more than the cost of our entire Instant Publishing Pak!

Bonus 7) A list of over 70 toll free phone numbers to call and receive free books on a variety of subjects. All FREE!

Bonus 8) Use the Internet Marketing Kit software and learn how to Promote Your Business On the Internet.

Bonus 9)
Credit Pro Software shows you how and where to get the credit you deserve. And, how to repair your credit file.

Whew...., that's a bunch of valuable stuff!

How Much do you think this package should be sold for? Considering the amount of material contained within "2000 How-To Books, Reports and Guides You Can Reprint and Sell" and the Free Bonuses  (even if all the reports were sold for just $1.00) it should cost over $2,000!  It would be a steal at $99.00!

But, as a very special offer to our customers, we are making the entire Instant Publishing Package available, including all ten bonuses, for the amazing low price of  JUST $19.95 $7.97 Today! BUY  You won't find this incredible collection of quality reports anywhere else for this outrageously low price. We must be crazy to offer all this for only $7.97!  So Don't Miss Out - ORDER YOURS TODAY, before we come to our senses and yank this offer!!!  (Instructions where to download the Instant Publishing Package and bonuses will be emailed to you within 1 business day.)

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2000 Books & Reports Instant Publishing Pak

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