45 letters from Hell that will ruin someone's life, 35 imaginative ways to use Alka-Seltzer, Anarchy in School, Annoying Someone, New Job, Vengeance on the Greens (any golf aficionados?), Email Bombs, IRC nuking, macro viruses, etc.internet, revenge, toolkit, get, even, mad, as, hell, angry, confidential, pranks, school, office, work, fun, exciting, revengeInternet Revenge ToolKit


Internet Revenge ToolKit *

NOTICE:  The IRTK has been discontinued due to the sensitive nature of Internet revenge tactics.  We suggest doing a Google Search below for the term "get revenge" without the quotes. You can also do a search for specific contents of the Internet Revenge Toolkit such as; 45 letters from Hell that will ruin someone's life, 35 imaginative ways to use Alka-Seltzer in revenge, Anarchy in School, Annoying Someone, New Job Revenge, Vengeance on the Greens for Golfers, Email Bombs, IRC nuking or macro viruses.  There are many websites still offering information that will help you get even with the source of your anger if you are unable to put it behind you.

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