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Google Nemesis ReviewReview of the Google Nemesis product that professes to make you a successful affiliate.

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...Is Google Nemesis Worth The Money or just Internet marketing Rubbish?
You Decide.

Google Nemesis


The Google Nemesis Review:

"Is This Really The Push Button Profit Pulling Software And Info The Author Promises?  Read Our Review To Learn The SURPRISING TRUTH"

Wow...everyone is talking about Google Nemesis like they've never seen anything so amazing.  Let's step out of the excitement for a moment and take a critical look at this software and included materials.  Let's see if this might be right for you from an honest business sense.

From The Desk of:
Wally Wagner
Windermere, Florida

Google Nemesis

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Want to save money and avoid buying useless products and reports? All my friends do!


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If you're familiar with the phrase "Don't judge a book by its' cover" ,
then take a look past the sexy cover art and graphics used with Google Nemesis...

...is this the real deal or just another product
with a pretty face?

I don't use half the software already on my computer and the last thing I need is more.  All they seem to do is take my cash and my time again and again

All the tools I have do help me to pull down a healthy online income, so don't get me wrong, but......

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on software to help me make money online or to simplify tasks and I'm sure I'll continue doing so......because I need the software I wind up using!  But....we haven't even talked about the business courses, "unique" reports and ebooks that I've purchased over the years.

Having spent so much on these items am I going to say, "enough is enough" and not look at anything new?  Absolutely not.

Why?  Because there are millions of people all around the world working hard to find the next great product that will make my business stand out from the others or eliminate hours of work for me.  Most will never be the "end all" to my online business needs and profits but finding that golden nugget does occasionally happen.  Perhaps I'll need to look at dozens and dozens more new products before that day arrives, or perhaps it just arrived......


Grab Your Copy Of Google Nemesis Here

No matter what aids you purchase to help your online affiliate business, just remember one thing:

Regardless of what you decide to buy to aid your online affiliate domination, there's one piece of advice I would like to give you:

Never buy anything until you have analyzed the pros and cons and come to an educated decision about what the product will do for you.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

Fortunately I have enough money now to be able to buy any new product I think might help me and give it a test drive.

If I find a winner, I'm all the better for having given it a try.   If not, I can usually get my money back and let my friends know that they can save their money and avoid that product.

Some product reviewers put up little more than sales pages having never even tried the product they are reviewing.  Everyone knows my reviews are in-depth complete reviews of the products I find that are the cream of the crop.

Having said that, let's continue...

First Impressions of Google Nemesis

Recently I was able to test drive a pre-launch copy of Google Nemesis.  I thought to myself, "Not another ClickBank promotion scheme or Adwords domination program."

It didn't take long for me realize that Google Nemesis is a real time saver and an actual automation software program and not just another reworked guide on how to use Adwords to promote more ClickBank products.

Actually I was already familiar with one of the creators of Google Nemesis, Chris McNeeney.  Chris came up with the product, Day Job Killer, that many raved about for months.

I knew Chris had a track record for developing a "killer" product.  If he put the same effort and brilliance into Google Nemesis that he put into Day Job Killer,  I knew this could be a blockbuster piece of software.

Hype In The Sales Page

After you have read as many sales pages as I have you'll notice it has gotten easy to spot the hype and unrealistic promises.  You'll even pick up on the subtle misleading statements smattered into some sales pieces.

I even noticed a little of this on the Google Nemesis sales page as I have with its competitors pages.  Here's what I see:

One of the first screenshots they show the reader is the many sales in their ClickBank accounts.  To be fair, almost every other money making product does the same in their sales page.

I can see why everyone does it and why it is so effective but does it really mean anything?

Not really.  There is no way to verify if the screenshot is real and even if it is, there is no way to know if it was generated with Google Nemesis.

Alright, even if we give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the screenshot of the income is real.....there's still a slight problem with they way its presented.

Its easy to get excited and forget that before a large number of sales can be made one will need to invest several hundred dollars into PPC traffic.

Seeing all those sales with thousands of dollars in commissions flowing into a ClickBank account just remember that it takes advertising to make those sales happen!

While its true that Adwords charges advertisers in arrears rather than up front, you had better be able to make profits and be able to pay for your advertising real soon.   You don't want your Adwords account closed before you get off the ground but if you are making profits consistently, you've hit the money machine.

The question is, "how much PROFIT do these guys make and can YOU duplicate their system?

Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to how much they're making.  Guess we have to stop here........

.....but wait!  Why don't I just put their plan into action and see how much profit it really makes?  I want to see if this can really work for the little guy or if it is just going to throw money away on Adwords.

Taking A Test Drive

The first thing I notice about Google Nemesis is that there is a lot of over hyping on the sales page.

Everything promised on the sales page is included but not quite how I would have expected.  The way it was worded seems a bit odd so I'll list everything I found as I see it.

Visit Google Nemesis Today


     Included Are:

  1. The "Secret Affiliate Code" and "Shadow Elite" manuals

  2. Step By Step Set-Up Instructions

  3. 3 Supplementary Video Guides To All Elements Of Google Nemesis

  4. The Google Slasher Software (the real meat of the system)

  5. Two Bonuses: Google Wealth Wizard and Adwords Miracle Guide (videos and PDFs)

"Secret Affiliate Code" and "Shadow Elite" Special Guides

These guides show you how to find the ClickBank products that are proven and you'll want to sell.  They show how to find the keywords and keyphrases you'll want to target in Adwords so you can make some serious money.  And, they show you how to create a perfect landing page for your Adwords prospects.

I was very impressed with the guides and found them effective and thorough, even containing a process for locating profitable ClickBank products that I was unaware of.  The "Secret Affiliate Code" title is actually marketing verbiage that lends excitement to their profitable product identification manual.

In my opinion, the guides would be extremely useful even for the most experienced marketer.  If these manuals were all that was included in Google Nemesis you would have enough information to take advantage of Adwords and ClickBank already without even using the actual software (the Google Nemesis main tool).

The Hype Annoys Me...

The information presented is solid and effective.  I'm annoyed because they didn't need to use fancy words and hype on the sales page.  (Sigh...)  I found the guides to so inclusive and useful that the hype wasn't necessary.

To be honest, the information in the guides is extremely simple yet powerful when applied.  Napoleon Hill said in his book to, "go where the money is and make it yours".  That is exactly what these guides will show you.

The main principals taught in the guides are already known by ` of us.  Its worth knowing these strategies and techniques laid out in the guides because they are based on established market principals that work and do consistently make money.

If your not already having $200 or $300 paydays using ClickBank its because you're not using the kind of information laid out in Chris' manuals and your still doing things the wrong way.

Drive Home The System With Videos...

Not only do the guides come in written form but Chris' team has put them into video form.  It is very handy to be able to play the videos and quickly learn the entirety of the guides.  After learning from the videos its easy to use the written guides for reference.

Also, video gives the viewer an over the shoulder view of the entire process taking any confusion or guesswork right out of the equation.  The viewer sees all the tricks that help to make the system work and make the big money.   Kudos to Chris and his team.

Guides Summary

If you've been marketing for some time, consider yourself an advanced online marketer and already make a living with Adwords and ClickBank then you may already know most of what's in the guides.  But, even if you only glean one or two ideas out of the manuals, the price would be worth it.

The guides do have one failing, in my opinion; they try to be an end all for everyone.  Although they clearly will save the online marketer time and effort at any level of experience, I think it would be better to focus on a single experience level when writing a how-to guide.

Even with that minor short coming, the guides put together by Chris and his team have impressed me with how fast they have made the process of making money while keeping it pretty simple.

We haven't even gotten to the main software in Google Nemesis yet, but with the guides and videos alone I can take action and apply the methods they teach to ClickBank and Adwords to make some real money.  Here are my ratings for just the guides and videos.

Ease Of Use


Quality Of Info


Value For Money


Who Can Use It?

Novice Internet marketers will be able to use the guides effectively although intermediate marketers who have already learned how to make some money online will find the information easy to implement and will be able to get started right away.  Advanced marketers may be familiar with the principals involved but should be able to find a few rare jewels of information in the material.

Bad Points

Newbies may need go over the material a couple times before they can understand it enough to make it actionable.  A "Basics" manual for newbies would have been helpful.

Good Points

Outlines a no-nonsense plan to make big money using ClickBank and Adwords.  Takes the guesswork out of setting up and implementing the plan that anyone can start and follow even on a modest Adwords budget.

Google Slasher Software

This software is the real meat of the Google Nemesis system and the real selling point.

I'll admit that I had my doubts about the software being of much use in working with the system.  Surprisingly, the Slasher software is pretty powerful and useful.

I've been expecting someone to come up with a powerful affiliate landing page creation software.  But, I didn't expect that this would be it and that it would enable the average user to create incredibly effective landing pages with practically the push of a button.

To tie it all together, the guides and videos show you how to find profitable ClickBank products and how to use Google Adwords effectively to drive targeted buyers to your landing pages.  Then, to make the whole system work and put it into action, the details are plugged into to the Google Slasher software that then:

  1. Automatically creates our landing page.  The landing page is optimized for high relevancy to the product being promoted so Google treats it favorably.  This gives the page a much better likelihood of being ranked high in the organic Google search results.  It also results in giving us lower cost clicks from the Adwords network,

  2. Makes the landing page a "sales page".  The software not only optimizes the landing page for Google, designs the page into an effective presales page for our visitors.  It neatly places a few ClickBank products on the page in a review type format based upon our product selections.  This is great!  The software saves us a lot of time trying to pull this info together and into a webpage with the aim to convert prospects into customers.

  3. Provides very useful landing page stats.  Stats are the lifeblood of profits.  The stats tell us which products are being bought, how many clicks the landing page is getting, which keyword made the sale and just how effective are every one of our campaigns.  This information allows us to fine tune our campaigns and accelerate them to the highest profit possible.

Let me mention that the Slasher software is very easy to use.  If you can fill out a form or send an email you won't have any problem working with the software.  The guides and videos provide a complete walkthrough of the software so any questions are covered.

Google Slasher Software Summary

There is a huge number of software and info systems to help you make money online.  Its not only important to choose a program that works but you need to choose a program that fits your temperament and will work for you.

Ask yourself this question:

Are you wanting to have stunningly designed web pages and be able to create a a brand for yourself that could take up most of your time to run, or would you rather create an online business that allows you to setup one profit center after the next that operate pretty much unattended?

To be honest, the Google Slasher software doesn't create the Picasso of webpages.  In fact, the pages are a bit bland to the eye.  But here's why....

....the pages are designed to presell the reader and look good to the Google Search bot.  If you want to impress your friends, then this software isn't for you.  But, if your intent is to make the sale, then you'll soon learn that this is the only way to go.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against websites that have lots of pretty pictures and the latest design features, its just that if that is your primary desire for designing a webpage, then this software isn't for you.

But, if you're building pages to make money then you'll appreciate the amount of time Google Nemesis is going to save you.  Normally you would expect several days of work ahead to create 25 or so Adwords campaigns with different landing pages and everything else.  Not with the Google Slasher software!  Expect the amount of time needed to be cut in half.  This was clearly Chris' goal in creating this powerful software.

Ease Of Use


Quality Of Info


Value For Money


Who's It Right For?

Although advanced marketers will undoubtedly find the software a huge time saver, intermediate and novice online marketers will find the software easy to use and a real time and headache saver.  Website designers may cringe at the simple webpages the Slasher software spits out but the goal is not to design pretty webpages that make people want to hang around, but to create proven sales generating landing pages that convert prospects into buyers.

Bad Points

The choice of webpage templates is very limited.  This may not matter since the design is proven to convert prospects.  Still, it would have been nice to see a little more user options.

Good Points

The Google Slasher software saves money, saves time and takes the guesswork out of setting up Adwords campaigns and creating landing pages.  Chris' team has addressed the time consuming issues of using Adwords and helps you keep your budget under control.

The landing pages are optimized so that Google gives them a higher quality score which lowers the cost of clicks Adwords clicks.  The software is simple enough to use that just about anyone with basic computer experience will find it easy to use.

Bonus #1: "Adwords Miracle Guide"

Bonuses usually do very little for me.  In fact, I rarely even bother to read them because they are often just some trash filler that isn't relevant or useful.  They are included to give the purchaser the perception that there is an added value to a product.  Bonuses work when your are trying to make the sale but, to be honest, there is rarely any real value in the bonus items.


I decided to take a quick look at the "Adwords Miracle Guide" out of curiosity.  My think was that just maybe I could find a valuable nugget somewhere in the contents.  Boy, was I surprised!

This bonus guide is simply awesome.

It contains both manuals and videos and is a great compliment to the Google Slasher software.  So much so that if you didn't have the software, this ebook could get you through to making some good money.  It has a simple, yet powerful message that I love.

Have you noticed that there are quite a few free (and paid) guides around on how to make money with Google Adwords?  Over the years, I have read many and I'm sure you have read a few, too.

This bonus guide stands head and shoulders above those other guides.  It provides proven, solid Adwords methods without the usual fluff and filler.

Chris, let me tell you that you could easily be selling this bonus guide as a stand-alone product.

"Adwords Miracle Guide" Contents:

I really like how the videos contain some information beyond what is in the manuals.  For instance, one video shows you exactly how to write an effective Adwords ad.  Just with the example shown in that video alone you could lower your ad costs and possibly double your clicks.  This is the kind of stuff the heavy hitters, and super affiliates know.

Bonus #2: "Google Wealth Wizard"

After being so pleasantly surprised with the first bonus, I though I had better scrutinize the the second bonus, too.  Surely, I thought, this one is just going to be a rehash of some old ideas.  After all, how much ground breaking info can Chris include with his product?

But once again, as I scanned the contents, I found the "Google Wealth Wizard" not to be your  run-of-the-mill bonus.  Its a solid manual that takes a broader look at affiliate marketing and Google Adwords.

The early chapters are are great introductory material for the beginner steering you away from the pitfalls beginners often find frustrating.  From there it quickly gets to the tips and tricks that will give you a competitive edge in the tough affiliate marketing field.

Check out the contents of the "Google Wealth Wizard":

This guide is very comprehensive and delves into more of the fundaments of affiliate marketing that will help the beginning affiliate marketer.  Its like an Internet Marketing 101 course covering all the basics that are so easy for us old-timers to forget.  The fluff is kept to a minimum and you'll even find some great nuggets hidden in the pages.

These two bonuses combined are simply are simply amazing and I can honestly say they could be a valuable product standing on their own merits.

You know, looking back on everything included in the Google Nemesis, the manuals and videos contain all the information you need to hit the ground running and make a highly profitable online business for yourself.  The Google Slasher software is more like the icing on the cake that cuts down your workload like a competent assistant.

Yup, the software is amazing and you'll use it for every campaign you create with ClickBank and Adwords, but the guides and bonuses contain the real knowledge that will turn you into a super affiliate marketer.

If you have never dabbled with Google Adwords before, this package can save you the pain of wasting a ton of money on marginal ads or worse while you try to understand what works and what doesn't.  Maybe you'll eventually figure it out on your own, or maybe you won't.


You Can Grab Your Copy Of Google Nemesis Here

  My Final Google Nemesis Conclusion...

I had anticipated that Google Nemesis would be just a group of ebooks on affiliate marketing with marginal substance and little new innovation.  After delving into the guides, videos and automation software, I soon realized just what a powerful package Chris McNeeney had assembled.

I found the system and material created to function best with intermediate marketers but the sales page had been designed to appeal to the broadest combination of experience in marketers.  I still think it would be better to focus on one skill level and design the product from that viewpoint.

However, I think with a little study and patience the beginning marketer should be able to grasp the system and implement the various components successfully.  Advanced marketers may already understand the ClickBank and Adwords account nuances and be able to make use of some of the tips and tricks and the Slasher software more fully automate their business and take it to a higher level.

The Google Slasher Software, though not an absolute necessity to implement the system successfully, is the main product in the Google Nemesis program.  The software is a great time saver and empowers the user with fail-safe review landing page creation and invaluable page statistics.

The lack of slight user design options in the software is my sole criticism of the Slasher software.  The pages it creates, though designed for maximum sales and Google ratings, are somewhat basic and a tad bland.


If we think about what the software is really doing and we take off our aesthetic hats, we'll realize that it is auto-creating a very effective review sales page by just entering some simple information and pressing a button in the software.

A manual can tell you to test and track your landing pages and traffic, and to be careful in setting up your Adwords campaigns but it is the Google Slasher software that, in the end, will take over that responsibility for you.

This is a really big selling point for someone like me.  You can't make money if you can tell the winners from the losers.  That is what testing is all about.

The stats are all available right from the software interface.  When you see that you can tell exactly which keywords are making the sales, you'll realize just how powerful the Slasher software really is.  With that information you can pretty much cut the fat right out of your advertising campaigns and skyrocket your profits.

Up until now it was an easy matter to track which webpage was making the sales, but knowing the exact keywords that generated the sales has been unheard of.  That is, until now!  Now that you know the profitable keywords, you can simply dump the non-performers and put all your advertising into the keywords that work.

And, remember, once you know the exact keywords that make your sales you can write (or have written) articles targeting those keywords and submit them to article directories for even more FREE traffic from the directories and organic search engine results.

As of the date of this review, I'm aware of a couple online services that provide the same level of keyword-to-sales tracking that can be done by the Google Slasher software.  However, they require a monthly fee equal to the entire Google Nemesis package....ouch!

The Google Nemesis guides and manuals are going to provide some powerful techniques to allow you to easily find ClickBank products that are proven hot sellers.  Until you know how to do that, you are just spinning your wheels.

With the weapons in Google Nemesis at your disposal, its going to be a snap to start making sales with Adwords and ClickBank.

Isn't that what its all about?  Making sales, controlling costs and pocketing a substantial net income.


      Here is my verdict of Google Nemesis...

Checkout Google Nemesis Today

 My Overall Rating:
 Step By Step Guide
 Can Start With Very Little Money
 Quality Of Content
 Easy To Understand
 Value For Money
 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Thanks for taking the time to read my review of the Google Nemesis package.  I hope it helped you to understand the product better so you can decide if it is something for you.

 Best Regards,



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