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Every Profitable Website Does This - Does Yours?

Every website that makes money online does these two things....

It diverts traffic and converts sales.

It first diverts traffic to its website.  The traffic may come from anywhere online but it is diverted, one way or another, to the desired website.

It then converts the diverted traffic into a profit.  The website may do this by selling a product, selling ad space, capturing leads, etc.

How it converts the traffic into profit doesn't matter.  The point is that diverted traffic can be converted to a profit fairly easily. 

Its the first step, diverting the traffic, that proves to be the difficult part.

Suppose you want to earn money finding credit card leads.  You discover that you can make $40 or more for each new applicant.  That sounds fantastic until you Google the phrase credit card and realize that there are nearly 18 million sites in the results.

Argggggg.  How can you compete with that?

But... if you concentrate on a specific benefit of one credit card, such as credit card gas rewards, you find about a thousand sites in the results.  A much, much more manageable number. 

Now you can be competitive and make some money.

Think about that.  If you target keywords and phrases that are overlooked or off-the-radar you'll divert better, more qualified traffic to your website and convert more of it into buyers.

So, how can you find more of these off-the-radar, overlooked keyphrases?

You can find them with a new tool called the Micro Niche Finder.

With this tool you can find new keyword phrases, uncover untapped niche markets, find more profitable keywords related to your product, convert more visitors into buyers, rank higher in the search engines and make more money with highly targeted keyphrases.

Free Videos Show You How

Now that you know a little bit about the Micro Niche Finder and how it finds high conversion traffic in hidden keyphrase niches, let's discuss how the software works and how the free videos help you find profitable micro niches.

Here are the answers to some serious questions that will be covered in the videos:

  How do I find the best keyword phrases with Micro Niche Finder?

A.  When you enter a search term into Micro Niche Finder, it returns a list of related phrases complete with the number of searches for the phrase and the number of websites appearing in the results.  Instantly you can see which phrases have low competition but a high number of searches. (that's what you are looking for)

Q.  Does Micro Niche Finder create Landing Pages for me?

A.  Yes, it creates simple one page AdSense pages with very little work.  You'll be blown away with the dual profit streams these pages generate for you.  Just imagine what a few dozen of these little profit generators could do for your bottom line!

Q.  How else will the Micro Niche Finder help me make money?

A.  Have you ever purchased PLR articles to use on your website?  Now with Micro Niche Finder you can create your very own private label rights packages (PLR) that you can sell to other Internet marketers.  Create micro niche PLR packages and sell a few hundred at $27 each or more.

Q.  What else can the Micro Niche Finder do for me?

A.  The five free videos are not only going to show you how to make money with the above features but they are going to show you how to create simple micro niche market Squidoo lenses and eBay feeder pages for even more profits.

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Don't miss the early order discount and free lifetime upgrades special.

You Hold The Keys To The Vault!

Someone asked me the other day what the big deal was with the Micro Niche Finder.  They wanted to know what good it was to know the exact keyphrases people search for.

The simple answer is that its not knowing just what phrases people are searching but knowing which keyphrases are being searched for that have very little competition.  By finding these phrases you can do three amazing things:

1.  Make Money!

2.  Make Money!

3.  Make Money!

It doesn't matter what you sell.  It doesn't matter who you are.  If you can find keyphrases with little competition in the search engines, you can make money!

If you've never thought about using overlooked keyphrases; if you've never thought about comparing the number of searches with the amount of competition for a phrase; then I promise that you will be blown away with the results this software is going to provide.

It will improve...
...your traffic,
...your conversions,
...and mostly importantly, your bottom line.

Lets go over a few things Micro Niche Finder is going to do for you:


  • It will scope out the competition for you.  Find out which markets are saturated and which are hidden gems

  • It will find keyphrases in markets you didn't even know about

  • It will find the most profitable affiliate programs in your niche

  • It will find highly profitable niche markets that have been overlooked

  • It will retrieve up to 240 keyphrases in less than 3 seconds

  • It will save your past keyword searches

  • It will find keyphrases with higher profit potential

  • It will help you analyze the competition in your niche

  • It will help you create articles to promote your affiliate programs

  • It will create content landing pages with AdSense and eBay for more income

  • It will create Squidoo Lenses for more income and traffic

  • It will create private label rights packages for your niches that you can sell

  • It will help you discover new markets for your products

  • It will find free content for your keyphrases

  • It will help you make money


You can mine for gold using a pan a pick and a shovel.....

Or, you can mine for gold using a machine that breaks the rock, shakes the gold out and hands it to you.

Both methods work.  The first one takes a lot of effort and returns small amounts of gold.  The second method finds all the gold in an ore vein while you sit back and collect all of the gold.

That gold mining machine is the Micro Niche Finder.

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  That analogy was bad. 

But it did get your attention -- didn't it?  You won't be sorry.

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