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Profit Source Publishing

Make Us Your Start Page!

Read the latest news headlines every time you start your browser. By setting your browser's start page to Profit Source Publishing you will immediately be connected to world news headlines from several sources. You can even read the stories in detail by clicking on some headlines.

 It's a little known secret that you can easily set your web browser's start page to anything you want. Perhaps you currently see advertising associated with your web browser or Internet service provider. Why not connect to the equivalent of the morning newspaper "hot off the press"?

Internet Explorer, Version 4.0+

  • click on "View" then "Internet Options"

  • Under the "General" tab you will find a dialog box titled "Home page"

  • "Address" to type in our URL:

In Internet Explorer, Version 3.02,

  • click on "View" then "Options"

  • Under the "Navigation" tab you will find a dialog box to change your start page.

  • In the "Address" field provided type in our URL:

Netscape Communicator

  • click on "Edit" then "Preferences"

  • chose the "Navigator" category

  • chose "Home page"

  • in the location box enter our URL:

 Netscape Navigator, Version 3.01 Gold

  • click on "Options" then "General Preferences"

  • Under the "Appearance" tab you will find "Browser Starts With:"

  • field provided type in our URL:

It's that simple! So the next time you start your browser, it will open at Profit Source Publishing'.



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