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BOOK MARK THIS PAGE AND USE IT OFTEN! By submitting your Web Pages to the Major Search Engines, Directories and Classifieds Sites listed here, you will be submitting to those that will generate up to 95% of your hits from these types of pages!  We suggest re-submitting your classified ads regularly so they remain fresh and up-to-date.

Start below with the 24 Search Engine Submission then proceed to the Other Search Engines, Directories and Top 20 Classified Ad Sites. Be sure to check out our traffic generating tools, too. They can make your submissions a lot easier.

Another recommended source of web traffic is from links and reciprocal link exchanges with other websites. You should have a link exchange page and actively seek link exchange partners with a main page Google Page Rank (PR) of at least 4. Also, fill out every "submit your site" form you run across on other websites. Top search engine rankings require that your site be linked from many other websites in your general business category.

We have included links to some not-so-free promotion tools that you will find can help get you to the top of the search engine dog pile. You can scroll right past these and go to the website tune-up, search engine submission and free classified submission areas if you so choose.

Free Webmaster Trade Publication >> Website Magazine
Free print magazine subscription for website success.  Mailed free directly to your door.


$3.99* Domain Names


Free Targeted Traffic Secret

Hot New Webmaster Tools

Professional Website Templates & Tools has put together an impressive collection of templates, logos, images, software and scripts for the webmaster at one very low membership price!  You've got to check this out while it's available.

Competition Equalizer
This new AdWords tool with help you blow your competition out of the water Squeeze every dime of profit out of your campaigns.

Re-Write Your Articles and Make Them Better and More Unique
Word Flood will take your written articles and provide replacement synonyms for OVER 90% of the words.  Make your articles truly unique.  We have arranged for you to receive a free 14 day trial to WordFlood by clicking Here.

News Equalizer
Display fresh, keyword targeted news to your website that updates constantly!

TIP: Use a $9.95 subscription to U.S. Free Ads
to post an unlimited number of classified ads to increase
your site PR and get targeted buyers for your products

Recommended Free & Pay Traffic Generating Tools and Information

FREE WebSite Map Creator
Often search engines have trouble indexing your entire site because they don't navigate all the levels of your domain. You can solve this problem by creating a Site Map with all your pages listed. While hard to do by hand, you can use this handy, free, yet powerful website map page creator to do just that. This is the best one we have seen.

AdTrakz Tracks Everything
Track virtually everything coming into or leaving your website. Cloaks your affiliate links, too. You can't make serious money on-line until you know where your sales are coming from!

SEO Elite
Shocking new software unlocks the secret code behind the search engines!  Gives you a blueprint to skyrocket your website to a top 10 ranking!

Directory Submitter
Loaded with 1100 directories.  You will find many Free articles including:
Advantages of Using Directories
Your Website Page Rank
Why FFA Submissions Are Bad
Seven Things To Avoid...
How To Choose A Domain Name...
Check Your "Link Pop" and Google PR

Conversion Gold
Jonathan Leger's new traffic/sales analysis script reports the referrer, keyword, conversion rate and sales analysis for any page or directory on any of your domains.  All from one simple administration area.

Everyone raves about this optimization/submission software. Web CEO is one of the best available. Their professional submission engine software is FREE!

TIP: Use the new eBay Classified Ads to drive traffic to your website.
Select "Classified Ad" when asked "How You're Selling"
Add "ProPack" to skyrocket visitors.

First, Inspect & Tune-Up Your Site

We recommend that you inspect and tune your page before submission to the search engines. You can do this now using this FREE service. (Opens in a new browser window)

W3C HTML Validation  Enter URL (including the http://) :

You can also download this free software program that will easily check your website with various search engines for link popularity. (Go to the bottom of the page linked above and click the link "Free link popularity check".)

Get Free Targeted Traffic

Free Search Engine Submissions

Click Here To Start Top 24 Engine Submission

CLICK ON THE BANNER ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WEBSITE SUBMISSION SOFTWARE.  We recommend that you download and install the free version of Web CEO which will allow you to submit your website to a very large number of important search engines, directories and more - FREE.

Free Website Promotion Tutorial


 Yahoo Submission

Yahoo charges $299 per year per website to be in their directory. They also offer pay per click services for their search engine through their "Site Match" service and a through a relationship with Overture. However, as a free member of Yahoo, you can make a FREE submission of your website to their search engine, which you should do.

Promote Your Website

More Search Engines and Directories 

Google The Must-Submit-To Search Engine

MSN Another of the Big 3 Search Engines


AOL Search

NCSA - What's New

Open Directory Project

The Yellow Pages

Tradewave Galaxy


Special Search Engine Submissions

If you offer products at competitive prices, you should submit your products to Google's, currently free, Froogle product search

Yahoo is offering a free listing and website to local merchants to list their business.  Get your business listed before Yahoo decides to start charging for this free service.

Find Relevant Link Partners Tool

Use this tool to find link partners based on keyword and page rank criteria.

Free Ezine Advertising

Post your free ad to over 1 million ezine subscribers.  One ad per 90 day period, please.  IP addresses will be checked for duplicate posters.

Directory Links

A great way to increase your Page Rank is to get your website listed in related directories.

Free submission to about 250 free directories. You will need to download and install the Firefox browser and the free Firefox form filler plugin.

Form Filler PlugIn For

Use the Directory of Directories to find free and low cost directories, other than those listed above, where your site should be listed.

And a list of the best FREE directories.

Or submit to these and 1100 more directories with
 Directory Submitter

Top 20 Free Classified Ad Sites

Yahoo! Classified Ads
No longer free, Yahoo classified ad rates start at $7.95 for most 21 day ads.

U.S. Free Ads
High traffic free classified ads that post instantly. Highly recommended.

Craig's List
Free popular classified ad site using regional targeting.  Be sure to abide by the TOS to avoid getting your IP banned.

Adland Classifieds
Free classified ads linked to over 5,000 web sites.

The City News
Free ads stay for up to four weeks. Any ad can be made to be an auction.

E-Page Classifieds
E-Page Claims to receive over 60,000 hits per day. Free classified advertising is offered for non-commercial, private-party ads. Business ads start at $8 a month.

1America Mall
A great place to advertise. 100 word classifieds are free for 10 days. Low-rate priority classified advertising starts at just $5 a month.

WWW Classifieds
Free classifieds that remain posted until you wish to cancel.

5 Star Classifieds
Free classified ads stay listed for 1 month.

Classifieds 2000
Obtain a password and place a free classified ad until you decide to cancel. (no biz-ops)

Classified Ads
Free 50 word listing that stays listed for up to 30 days.

Best Ads Classifieds
Free private party ads. Commercial ads are charged $30 for 3 months.

A-Z Free Classifieds
Free 350 character ads stay listed for 1 month with optional low-cost fees for hyperlinks and priority placements.

Bestmall Classifieds
Free 50 word ads stay listed for 30 days. Also, one-page Web sites are $7.50. Great, heavy traffic site.

The Ad Net
Ads are posted immediately and stay listed for 30 days.

AmericaNet Classifieds
Free classifieds for private-party ads and $20 for 3 month commercial ads.

Mojo Classified Ads
Free classified ads stay listed for 2-3 weeks.

Washington Classifieds
Free ads for 30 days.

Ad Net Classifieds
Post a free searchable ad.

Kingdom Classifieds
After you post your free ad you have the choice to automatically submit it to 100+ search engines and directories. Ads stay listed for 90 days.

Clockwatchers' Classifieds
Free ads. A small fee is applied for links or pictures.


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I hope you found our Free Web Site Promotion, Free Search Engine Submission and Free Classified Ad Submission useful. I can't stress enough how important it is to optimize your pages for the search engines. You should also list your websites with as many quality directories as possible.  And, while free classified ads won't produce the traffic that search engines will, it is an easy source of website exposure that will pay dividends if your submissions are regular.

Besides getting new traffic, don't forget to entice your existing visitors to return by using email contact, free stuff offers, fresh content and new products.


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