Profit Source Publishing Golden Globe Web AwardApply to win our prestigious Golden Globe Award.  Outstanding websites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability are invited to be nominated for our Golden Globe Award.golden globe website award


Golden Globe Web Award

Apply For One Of Our Prestigious Awards

Gold Star Web Award   Golden Globe Web Award

All web sites exhibit much thought, hard work and a learned understanding of site design and implementation. Those efforts and the results, free for anyone to appreciate, deserve to be recognized. Therefore, we offer two levels of recognition for your website. 

The Gold Star Web Award 

Our Gold Star Web Award can be downloaded by anyone and added to any worth while site. Please download the following icon to let others know that you have worked hard to design and develop your website. This award can be proudly displayed on any site as a testimony to others for your hard work and accomplishment. 

This Award is trademarked but may be taken freely and used wherever appropriate provided the image has a return link to 

Gold Star Web Award

Please right click on this image  and choose "save image"
or "save picture" and save to your hard drive. Then, enter
the code below into your web page and upload the image
and the web page to your server.

(hold down left mouse button to highlight code then release.
Ctrl + C copies to clipboard. Ctrl + V pastes from clipboard)

<!-- Begin GOLD STAR AWARD Coding -->
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="Awardstar.gif" WIDTH="68" HEIGHT="68"
ALT="Gold Star Web Award" BORDER="0"></A>
<!-- End GOLD STAR AWARD Coding -->


Our Most Prestigious Award
"The Golden Globe Web Award"

For outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability we invite you to nominate a site for our Golden Globe Web Award. 

Golden Globe Web Award

If your site is selected to receive our
Golden Globe Web Award, you will be
notified by email with your award image
attached and installation code included.

  Nominate A Website for The Golden Globe Web Award

Note: This form will not run if loaded from a cached page. You must be on our website at

  Your Name

  Your Email Address

  URL of The Website

  Website Title

  Website Description

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